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  1. Finally someone who knows history, those who have forgotten are doomed to relive it.
  2. Just like the white rabbit we have found White Peace. The conflict between those now known as “the League of Micro’s (LoM)” and CRAP & RIA accept white peace with each other. It seems that the party was just getting started when they came and pulled the plug. As with many conflicts, something new sometimes arises out of it. We the members of LoM are now considering each Micro as Board's members of an Alliance to Protect each AA as sovereign States. With just a few more tweaks we might be onto something. Who knows what may come next. Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition either.
  3. I thought you might like that, good to see you old friend. What's up stranger? How are things with you all?
  4. I''ve been waiting far to long to say it again here.
  5. Applications now being accepted For far to long on planet Bob Micro’s have been little more than gnats. Today we wish them to accept our invitation to bring back a spark to the slow end we all see. We are forming an Alliance of Protectorate States. Where we have no more need than a commitment to enjoy the Bob while it’s still here. With that being said, the Board agrees that we need to stand up for all the crap that has gone down in this game. We at the Board would now like to introduce the Alliance of Protectorate States and we don’t like CRAP. Signed
  6. Why I never saw two more peace loving, tree huggin AA's join together in all my days. What has this world come to? Congrats to my friends and Brothers at BAPS and to TPF looks like a great pairing. o/ BAPS o/ TPF
  7. Somethings you take for granted and almost forget to put in writing, this happens to be one of those things. Very glad to see this made public at last. o/ SNAFU o/ NAC
  8. Congrats to our friends at Asg BN has a fine set of allies
  9. Glad to see this finally be put in writing. It's been a long time coming.
  10. [center][img]http://i981.photobucket.com/albums/ae292/Wifey31183/nacdb4dpnh.png[/img] The alliances of North American Confederacy (Hereafter referred to as NAC) and Death Before Dishonor (Hereafter referred to as DB4D), in the spirit of mutual respect and friendship, have come together to make the following pact. Defense- Both DB4D and NAC reserve the option to aid and assist in the other's defense when in need or upon request. Intelligence- Both DB4D and NAC agree to share information that could effect the well-being, prosperity, or security of the other. Peace- Both DB4D and N
  11. o/ Olympus Fine line up you have there. Keep up the good work
  12. While I support this move I have to speak my mind about that hateful comment in regards to "the old folk" and "needing a cane" and ummm what was I saying?
  13. o/ ChefJoe o/ Tronix o/ Valhalla Enjoy the view from the rocking chair on the porch
  14. Congrats to our friends at Asgaard now I guess I should make my way to FEAR and get to know them. o/ Asgaard o/ FEAR
  15. [img]http://i1125.photobucket.com/albums/l587/Rattle72head/nac_fl10-1-2-1-1-1-1.jpg[/img] As Trium for the NAC I would like to confirm that Husker has use of our couch as long as he needs it. I have known him since his early days on Bob and would be a asset to any AA (work fast cause I'm working to get em)
  16. We look forward to the path a head of us
  17. Congrats to my friends at DB4D looks like NEW made some new good friends there
  18. NO Pax Galaxia is a different game, I played with someone with your name there. Was just curious.

  19. Are you the same Cthulu from PAX?

  20. All hail the just and glorious CNSTAFF! Bringers of divine justice and my personal heroes. [spoiler]Could this topic be moved to the proper thread? Does anyone here know someone that can do this? Isn't this for Alliances?[/spoiler]
  21. TLR you found you some very loyal Allies in Olympus. This should be interesting to watch develop.
  22. Yes, this could be the best move Legion has made in years. I wholehearted support this motion.
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