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We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for this extremely unimportant news announcement

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[center][u][b][size=4]Announcement from the Random Insanity Alliance[/size][/b][/u][/center]
Greetings to our fellow Grand Followers and Believers of the Almighty Church of Cactuhova, annoying plebeians, and assorted heretics. It is with great sadness that we announce that Ogaden, Head of Economics of the Random Insanity Alliance, has come down with a dreadful case of reallifeitis. Its effects came up like a storm and left him unable to cope with his duties in government and thus he has chosen to resign from government.

[center]We shall return with the remainder of our announcement after some [s]subliminal propaganda[/s] short messages from our sponsors...[/center]

[center]Uncle Cactuar wants you! Join the Random Insanity Alliance today![/center]

[center]The Random Insanity Alliance would like to extend our congratulation to our SuperFriends in R&R on their newly acquired sanction! We would also like to thank them for following our example in creating an awesome pip! [size=1](Note: This commercial was secretly paid for by the R&R Ministry of Silly Walks)[/size][/center]

...and now back to the news report.

In his place cctmsp13, Viceroy of the Random Insanity Alliance, Cactuar God of Economics of the Random Insanity Alliance, and twelve-term Head of Economics has been been [s]forcibly dragged back from his retirement vacation on his yacht off the coast of Florida[/s] nominated and accepted into the position once again. We welcome him back for his thirteenth term as Head of Economics.

Thus the current Government of the Random Insanity Alliance shall now be as followed:
Triumvirate: Delta1212 - Shadow - Thunder Strike
Cabinet XLIII:
Head of Economics: cctmsp13
Head of Foreign Affairs: im317
Head of Internal Affairs: Shadow Slayer
Head of Military Operations: Jenne
Head of Recruitment: Gangs20003

That is all. We thank you for tuning into the Cactuar News Network. You may now return to your regularly scheduled program.


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[quote name='Conformist Maryland' timestamp='1303800712' post='2699678']
[color="#FFA500"]Please have the decency to censor the sexual content in your images. The first flag in the OP is highly offensive.

The great people of Conformist Maryland, and the people of Bob weep at the sight of Cactuar.[/color]

The lack of a Cactuar in an RIA announcement would be highly offensive to many many more people...

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[quote name='Avakael' timestamp='1303810956' post='2699705']
The lack of a Cactuar in an RIA announcement would be highly offensive to many many more people...

It would probably destroy the treaty web.

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