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  1. Sweet, alliance number 6 in on us. You really do flatter us.
  2. [quote name='Joe32320' timestamp='1323638097' post='2874230'] In fairness, I had just finished a round with UPN Not to mention he'd kill me for not trying hard enough should that happen [/quote] [quote name='excessium' timestamp='1323653156' post='2874464'] thankyou RIA for actually having the ability to fight back, i lost my first bit of infra today after over a week of fighting 3 UPN nations! Now its a war XD [/quote] Oh UPN ... I lol'ed pretty hard.
  3. [quote name='chefjoe' timestamp='1323640510' post='2874268'] Thing is most of you ARE staggered but with the rest of us in anarchy and unable to redeclare, some extra nations to sit in your slots chipping away at more of your infra until us first rounders get back out of anarchy and re-slam you all....again just makes strategic sense. Where as you guys will just be in perpetual anarchy without the ability to redeclare on anyone....ie:fish in a barrel for the rest of us in approx4-5 days. So yea, see in 4-5 days and you can retoot your horn again about how kick ass you guys are doing etc et
  4. [quote name='President S O' timestamp='1323597330' post='2873755'] An alliance of what, 40 people? Don't make out like they're a huge powerhouse. Those slots that become available when the war's expire? The one's that won't be filled by your current opponents due to nuke anarchy? Don't talk about redundancy, you're allied to CSN. (Two can play that game. ) [/quote] Thanks for acknowledging the RIA's ability to anarchy 4 alliances to the point where they unable to effectively stagger us.
  5. [quote name='Alfred von Tirpitz' timestamp='1323591406' post='2873708'] Yeah it [i]is[/i] disconcerting. Dunno if able to get used to that. I know it is not much but i still do think a lot of you guys are great. [/quote] Cut the niceties. Attacking CSN is the same as declaring on the RIA directly to us. Trust me when I say that RoK is completely dead to the RIA.
  6. LOL, your one guy to declare is 9 days inactive. Don't you tell your guys to collect before declaring?
  7. [quote name='SoADarthCyfe6' timestamp='1323583924' post='2873439'] Burn RIA. Burn. [/quote] You're welcome to have another shot at us, although I can't imagine you doing any better than last time.
  8. [quote name='President S O' timestamp='1323582951' post='2873382'] Have fun filling slots, bro's. Godspeed, SNAFU. [/quote] What slots? Talk about redundant declarations.
  9. [quote name='Lord Levistus' timestamp='1323570104' post='2873093'] He hopes to be Regent of Mjolnir POW... i don't think he understands how it works however. [/quote] I assume sending aid to the RIA is a prerequisite for this position?
  10. So far the only nation on the Mjolnir POW is a Valhalla nation. Congrats for getting your own guy to surrender.
  11. Thanks for the assist NPL. I look forward to seeing DH offer you the white peace you deserve shortly.
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