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An Announcement from The Imperial Order


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It's always a sad day when an alliance loses its leader, Skippy has decided to step down from his position of Imperial High Commander. He was our leader at our inception and after a brief break, where RL stopped him from fulfilling his duties as our leader, he returned to the spot. In my opinion, he was the best leader TIO could have asked for, he isn't power hungry nor does he have a giant ego as can tend to be the case with alliance leaders.

Skippy decided to leave me in charge of TIO, I hope I can do half as good a job as he did.

[i]Signed on behalf of The Imperial Order[/i]
Dave93 - Imperial High Commander

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[quote name='Charles Stuart' timestamp='1302937327' post='2691456']
The ODP is cancelled :P
What are you talking about??? this is great news! Skippy has finally been replaced!

All jokes aside, Skippy you are a great man and leader and will be missed at the helm of TIO. Dave I know you will do a fantastic job as leader and I look forward to the bright future of The Imperial Order.

o/ TIO
o/ Skippy
o/ Dave

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[quote name='D34th' timestamp='1302964500' post='2691524']
As Emperor of TIO I'd like to thank Skippy for everything that he did for TIO, also I'd like to congratulate Dave93 for his new position.

TIO o/

As Viceroy of Pacifica I approve of this post. :awesome:

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