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  1. Since when was Al Qaeda, or any other terrorist group considered a nation? They don't play by any "rules", and so they don't get treated with the level of consideration that soliders and civilians get in more formalised conflicts. I disagree with Xiphosis though, I think it is mostly a human thing to take joy in killing. Animals don't act that way.
  2. [quote name='OsRavan' timestamp='1304285618' post='2703381'] [color="#FF0000"]1.[/color]Also, while we are clearing up misconceptions and CoJ propaganda. There are a couple of misconceptions that seem to be widespread for some bizarre reason. First off, Schatt supposedly offering to 'surrender' to ODN multiple times before he launched into his recent questionable tactics. What he fails to mention, is that he was trying to *only* surrender to ODN not our allies. He was informed that unless he was willing to secure peace with our allies in MK we would not be leaving the field. When ODN ent
  3. [quote name='Zoomzoomzoom' timestamp='1303965988' post='2700888'] I think the general consensus is that TDO should disband and refer most of its members to GPA. The more active ones willing to experience a real alliance should be referred elsewhere. [/quote] I disagree, TDO is the only truly neutral AA out there, all of the other so-called neutrals either favor one color, or hate them all(Grey Council). If I were ever to go neutral it would be TDO all the way.
  4. [quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1303618808' post='2698230'] the environment is entirely different, everyone takes politics and morality way too seriously now more than ever before, and it has since Great War II edit: I bought my first nuke at 5500NS [/quote] Odd. The impression I have always gotten was that players took the game more seriously back then, not less. I wasn't there though, so maybe I wasn't interpreting their posts correctly. Your point about the nukes reminds me that the MP is one of those things that has helped kill the game, just a little bit. People used to have to jo
  5. [quote name='Ardus' timestamp='1303532081' post='2697395'] The sheer length of it is impressive enough. I mean, you have to stop and ask yourself how much time goes into writing something like this. I'd pin a medal on them just for the entertainment value. [/quote] Seconded! I don't know why people are complaining it is too long, it is just chock full of comedy gold: [quote] While we would be ignorant to claim that we haven't taken great damage, we have doled out tenfold what we have withstood. I think Schattenmann wants to destroy GOONs, VE, and rule Planet Bob, in that order, and
  6. Be careful Sparta. First you let all those harmless looking people into your feast halls for a cup of wine; the next thing you know all your rank & file members will be shouting,"REPUBLIC! REPUBLIC!"
  7. [quote name='Chief Savage Man' timestamp='1303516552' post='2697181'] The problems here have nothing to do with how its played. [/quote] Agreed. Everyone keeps trying to find some mythical Great Issue that is the cause of this world's decline, when it is due to many different reasons, all working together. Many of them have already been pionted out in this thread. I don't know about the rest of you, but this is about the longest I've ever been involved in any one game, and by far the biggest. 20K people who can all interact directly with each other with only peace mode and NS range restric
  8. [quote name='Finnish Commie' timestamp='1303477489' post='2696483'] CoJ have been acting like a bunch of thugs trying to bully our new-to planet Bob protectorate. Although all in all, CoJ is very good at talking the talk but they have no means of walking the walk. [/quote] That protectorate has 4 times as many nations, and all they have to do is pick up the phone to ODN if they feel threatened and ODN is quite capable of dealing with this. The only people saying CoJ is bullying them are ODN members. [quote name='Ubermeir' timestamp='1303501148' post='2696893'] They bullied the newbish n
  9. You got most of the useful stuff already, I am just going to throw in a few points: The nice thing about being a micro is no one expects very much from you. If your goal isn't to grow into a larger alliance, you can slack off on that FA/IRC time a lot. You said you enjoy being in Rok, which is a decent sized AA. If that is true you probably WON'T enjoy being a micro, since they rarely get as heavily involved in the play as larger alliances do. You will usually have very few treaties, and you won't be shaking the pillars of heaven any time soon. A few have made a mark on the larger stage,
  10. [quote name='OsRavan' timestamp='1303180234' post='2693049'] Other then that, im not sure what Schatt hoped to accomplish with this. It is not going to change our stance that CoJ should apologize for their treatment of our protectorate and our applicants. The goal of that apology was not to publicly humiliate them. But apparently they want to make it public. So be it. I don't think most people will find this half as interesting as CoJ thinks they will. [/quote] Your internal workings are your business, but I would still appreciate seeing some evidence of why you think the Cult did any
  11. [quote name='HeroofTime55' timestamp='1303409467' post='2695687'] Obviously, none of this is true. I still lead 64Digits, and that will not change until I specify otherwise. Those terms are of course not accepted. That said, some of the responses to this thread have been golden. [/quote] Even without this^, how could anyone think that HoT55 would ever offer to surrender with those terms, or that MK would accept or offer them in the first place? I know they don't LIKE HoT55 much, but this is obviously high comedy. My congratulations to HoT55 for drawing this much ire, not bad for a fl
  12. [quote name='Richard Rahl' timestamp='1303232978' post='2693681'] I love all these people that were not there for the months that we built up friendship with MK before signing telling us the real reason for our treaty. [/quote] Legion members have said for years that they honestly like the NPO now, despite the wars and the Viceroy period; you're just getting a small taste of what they have had to deal with.
  13. [quote name='Ardus' timestamp='1303107254' post='2692484'] We're at least two or three X's removed at this point. They're just plain Hopeless now. [/quote] I'm confused. According to MK's DOW, NPO alone was this great big significant threat. In between then and now, several DH officers including you kept yammering about how they had to be taken down now before they rose up and crushed you all(or something). Did they suddenly pass some magic NS threshold where they aren't a threat now? [quote name='SADeki' timestamp='1303108754' post='2692496'] This new Hopeless Coalition party line is
  14. [quote name='kencojenko' timestamp='1303094333' post='2692210'] Don't expect too much in the way of a blitz, we don't have much to hit. [/quote] ^After seeing this line in the OP, I had a questions, but I see Letum beat me to it: [quote name='Letum' timestamp='1303095144' post='2692241'] What, precisely, is the point of attacking an alliance you can barely even fight, in the midst of it finalizing a peace deal? You can do limited damage, and cannot really effect the outcome of any peace. [/quote] There isn't even a single TOP war on Legion, so what was the point of this? If Legion d
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