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All great things come to an end...

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…but we’re CRAP, so we’re still around. :D

Anyway, those who know us know that CRAP didn’t start out very strong, and it was very difficult to “get the ball rolling” so to speak. Those same people also know that once it got rolling it was a slow process. We didn’t reach ANY milestone in a reasonable about of time. Heck…we finally broke 50 members last November. We’ve been lucky enough to be blessed with a lot of unfortunate events that always got in our way but we just kept at it. It took us MUCH LONGER than most to get to the milestone we just got to today, but I’m still very proud to say that we can FINALLY cross this accomplishment off our To-Do List.

[color="maroon"][b][size="3"]Today, April 11th 2011, the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers TURNS FOUR YEARS OLD!!![/size][/b][/color]

This last year was a great one for us. Bad luck finally got bored with us and left us alone. It started out slower than we would have liked, but it ended on a very very strong note. So to everyone who contributed to our success, whether you are a member or an ally, we want to say Thank You! We appreciated everything you did. :) (Yay I don’t have to make a huge list now!!)

For those who don’t know us, feel free to stop by our [url=http://s1.zetaboards.com/CRAP_Alliance/index/]FORUMS[/url] and ask for an embassy, or visit our IRC channel (and sit there in idle) #CRAP on coldfront.net. Our doors are open and we have a petting zoo where you can say hello to Harvey the Wonder Hamster. [color="#FFFFFF"][size="1"](Disclaimer: He likes to bite throats so be careful.)[/size][/color]

Oh…and remember:
CRAP is thicker than blood!!

~Chuck Normis – Triumvir/Founder of CRAP

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Happy Birthday and congrats to our brothers in CRAP. Welcome to the 4 year club. :) It's been a pleasure working with you guys these last 4 years. You have always been one of RIA's longest and closest allies. We love you guys lots. :wub: Edited by ShadowDragon
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[quote name='SWAT128' timestamp='1302559752' post='2688800']
Congrats CRAP, you're my favorite maroon alliance that isn't RIA. :wub:

Thanks that's nice to hear. :wub:

[quote name='Delta1212' timestamp='1302560066' post='2688804']
CRAPpy birthday, guys!
How did you know!! :huh:

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