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Guru Order Announcement

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In honor of our MDoAP [b]“Lets FOKing GO”[/b] treaty:


We activate the defensive clause of that treaty:

[quote]Article VI - Mutual Defense
Guru Order and FOK hereby agree that any direct attack on either signatory will be seen as an attack on both. In those times of need, the signatories will use all means to defend the other signatory from aggression.[/quote]

Hereby we declare a state of war against the alliance by the name of Ascended Republic Of Elite States. There are no hard feelings and frankly speaking we know very little about ARES, what we do know is that their nations are attacking our ally and that is all that matters here.

Guru Order Elders Council

Waldie Land
Rocks Royal
Empire Of Gaia
Ron Mock
kleven316 [/i]

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[quote name='Mentor' timestamp='1295651661' post='2589691']

waves at Uncly harry

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o/ GO best allies one could have :awesome:

make sure your :nuke: button is ready and a beer is in ur hand

GOod Luck guys :wub:

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