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Treaty Signing

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[b]Hammer of the GODs[/center][/b]

In recognition of mutual trust and friendship, ARES and the Global Order of Darkness (GOD), hereafter referred to as the signatories, do agree to the following treaty.

The signatories agree to recognize each other as sovereign and free alliances.

The signatories recognize a state of peace with each other and shall not take hostile action of any kind. Should hostile action arise between two nations of the signatories, the signatories will resolve these actions using non-hostile, diplomatic means.

The signatories agree to pass on all information vital to the security of either signatory as soon as said information becomes available.

Signatories agree to provide aid, be it financial or diplomatic, should either signatory request it. Economic factors may be taken into account.

An attack on one signatory is recognized as an attack on the other signatory. Both signatories agree to immediately come to the defense of each other, using all military, diplomatic and financial means available.

Signatories retain the right to ask each other for assistance during an aggressive war, however this help is not mandatory. In the event one signatory is planning an aggressive war and does not require assistance, they must notify the other signatory no less than 2 hours before planned aggression will begin.

Should either signatory be attacked due to a result of their own aggressive action, this treaty will be viewed as an oDoAP.

This treaty will come into review 60 days from the initial signing. Should the treaty be upheld after this initial renewal, then the treaty will be up for renewal every 90 days following. There is a grace period of 7 days for renewal. This grace period can be waived by canceling this treaty as delineated. Failure to renew within the 7 day grace period automatically activates a mutual cancellation and this treaty becomes a non renewable Non Aggression Pact with a duration of 6 days.

Should either party wish to cancel this treaty, they may do so with 72 hours private notice, after which time a NAP will remain in place for 48 hours.


[b]For the Global Order of Darkness[/b]:
Xiphosis, Dark Lord
Big_Z, Lord of Diplomacy

[b]For the Ascended Republic of Elite States[/b]:
Supreme Commander: Caossal
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Jtkode
Minister of War: Lord Hoth
Minister of Internal Affairs: General Dolan[/quote]

:smug: 'sup ARES.

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[quote name='SpectreTehDestroyer' date='11 June 2010 - 04:40 AM' timestamp='1276227591' post='2332749']
Congratulations ARES and GOD.

Keep rocking!

Thanks! And Spec, ur avatar is sex

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