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Cora and Sippy sittin in a tree....

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Cora is a MILF, Sig if Your Down Treaty[/center]

With the signing of this treaty United Sovereign Nations and Global Democratic Alliance hereby commit to uphold the following principles of non-aggression, optional defense, and mutual respect outlined in this Optional Defense Pact.

Article I: Intelligence
The signed alliances will not perform any acts of espionage against one another. If members of either alliance discover information that may harm the stability or security of the members of the other, they will share this information with the government of the other alliance as long as it doesn't conflict with other agreements with either alliance.

Article II: Non-Aggression
If a member of either alliance attacks a member of the other, then both alliances will resolve the matter diplomatically.

Article III: Optional Defense
Neither signatory alliance is legally bound to grant requests of military action or financial aid from the other. However, should such a request be made through official channels by one alliance, the other alliance is highly encouraged to participate and required to hold a vote in their council or other form of decision making body. A request must be made by one alliance which is in need of military intervention or financial aid, it is still highly encouraged that the other alliance participates, although nothing is required legally. In either case, in the event that assistance is granted, it should come as no surprise to the world community.

Article IV: Cancellation
If one party wishes to cancel, they must notify the other signatory through diplomatic channels at least 72 hours in advance. In the case that the treaty is canceled both alliances agree to 72 hours of non-aggression after the 72 hour cancellation period.

Signed for United Sovereign Nations:
FluffyEwunga AKA Cora Mcstrap, Alliance Council
Beale947, Alliance Council
Vladisvok Destino, Alliance Council

Borimir Resurrected, Security General
Rylejed, Minister of Recruitment
Ninia22, Minister of Internal Affairs
Gofast2006, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Dexomega, Minster of Economics

Signed for Global Democratic Alliance:

Hardin, President
Sippyjuice, Minister of Internal Affairs
Shadowkiller, Minister of Defense
Bluewater, Minister of Economics

Alexander An Achiles

I am very proud of the friendship that our alliances have shared since I have been here. It is with great pleasure that I welcome our alliances one step closer together. Cheers to everyone!

Edited by President Hardin
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[quote name='President Hardin' date='21 April 2010 - 01:08 AM' timestamp='1271812095' post='2268495']Cora is a MILF, Sig if Your Down Treaty[/quote]

I see nothing but hypocrisy here, you haven't even sigged it.

What kind of message does this give out?

A very poor start to relations indeed.

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[quote name='General Argent Doom' date='21 April 2010 - 04:58 PM' timestamp='1271865518' post='2269164']
I see nothing but hypocrisy here, you haven't even sigged it.

What kind of message does this give out?

A very poor start to relations indeed.

The message that he knows whats good for his health :P

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[quote name='joracy' date='21 April 2010 - 11:04 PM' timestamp='1271887442' post='2269649']
Somehow I must wonder how a certain former purple leader feels about people calling you a Milf Cora :P Congratulations on the treaty.

I'm used to it :P

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