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ShadowSlayer kills shadow and takes control of the government. Also LUE+RIA love.

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As seemingly the last bastion of seriousness currently inhabiting Planet Bob on this day the Random Insanity Alliance would like to announce our most recent government:

*Shadow Slayer, Slayer of Shadow

Cabinet XXXVII
*Head of Economics: cctmsp13
*Head of Foreign Affairs: Rebel Virgina
*Head of Internal Affairs: Ogaden
*Head of Military Operations: C-zom
*Head of Recruitment: gangs20023

Captain Planet: im317

We would also like to proudly announce an Optional Defense and Aggression Pact with an alliance we share a long history with, the LUEnited Nations.



First, there was GameFAQs.
Then, there were Boards 402 and 403: LUE & Random Insanity.
A bit later on there were LUElinks and CyberNations.
Naturally, then there came the LUEnited Nations and the Random Insanity Alliance.
Now the LUEnited Nations has been reborn.

Regardless of our...viciously bloody past on GameFAQs, the LUEN and RIA are on very good terms, and now solidify this bond of peace with a Optional Defense and Aggression Pact.

Extremely Sexy Summary:
We do not want to smash each other to pieces with a rusty golf club. Instead we have the option of smashing others with rusty golf clubs together. That is all. Read on for specifics.


In a desire to promote security in the lands of their member nations, LUEnited Nations (LUE) and Random Insanity Alliance (RIA) mutually agree to the following terms:

Article I

It must be understood that both organizations remain sovereign as do each member nations.

Article II

No Member of either undersigned alliance may declare war against another member nation within the other alliance. Any nation caught violating this rule must immediately declare peace and pay reparations to the attacked nation or face expulsion from their alliance. Reparations will be negotiated between the leaders of the two alliances or their designated representatives. Failure of the alliance to expel a member caught in violation of this rule may be considered grounds for the revocation of this treaty.

Article III

In the event of a nation from one alliance declaring war on a nation from the other, the victim nation is not to retaliate in any way for a period of 24 hours, to provide time for a diplomatic solution to be reached. No member of either undersigned alliance may provide foreign aid to any nation currently in a state of war with a member of the other alliance. This rule may be waived by the alliance of the victim nation, which can provide both military and financial aid in an effort to prevent further damage caused by the aggressor nation.

Article IV

No member nation under this agreement will give aid (militarily or economically) to any third party nation or organization at war against LUE or the RIA.

Article V

This pact is between the LUEnited Nations and Random Insanity Alliance only and does not affect any current or future agreements.

Article VI

Either organization undertaking action (aggressive or defensive) against other entities not included in this agreement does so without implication to the other signatory. The other signatory is, however, encouraged to assist if requested.

Article VII

Infractions of any of these points by either party may be grounds for Pact termination. This pact may be canceled after 48 hour notice is given to the other signatory.

Signed for the LUEnited Nations,
~Archon, Co-Leader
~rafael_nadal, Co-Leader
~babyjesus, Minister of Defense
~Denial, Minister of Foreign Affairs
~HD30, Minister of Internal Affairs
~Lebubu, Minister of Internal Affairs
~AVFC_1, Minister of Media
~SirWilliam, Minister of Pacifican Expatriates

Signed for the Random Insanity Alliance,
~cctmsp13, Viceroy, Head of Economics, Destroyer of Vowels
~Delta1212, Triumvir of the Random Insanity Alliance, Demi-God of Maroon, Psychic Cupcake Overlord of the Cupcakery, Eperor of the SuperFriends
~Shadow Slayer, Triumvir, Slayer of Shadow, Squeezer of Lemon, Unleasher of the Shadow, Barks like a Dog, Code Monkey, I'M PIKACHU
~Thunder Strike, Triumvir of Stuff, hater of cats
~Rebel Virgina, Head of Foreign Affairs
~Ogaden, left arm of Voltron, Head of Internal Affairs, Cactimus Prime's official window washer and detailer
~C-zom, Head of Military Operations
~gangs20023, Head of Recruitment, Eater of Reogas babies, maker of wordses, liker of cats.[/quote]

*Note: Actual government includes Shadow as Triumvir and crazyisraelie as HoFA[/size]

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[QUOTE]Signed for the LUEnited Nations,
~Archon, Co-Leader
~rafael_nadal, Co-Leader
~babyjesus, Minister of Defense
~Denial, Minister of Foreign Affairs
~HD30, Minister of Internal Affairs
~Lebubu, Minister of Internal Affairs
~AVFC_1, Minister of Media
~SirWilliam, Minister of Pacifican Expatriates[/QUOTE]

The Scots Empire does not recognize this treaty as legitimate because LUE's Minister of Trades does not have his signature present.

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[quote name='cookavich' date='01 April 2010 - 09:31 PM' timestamp='1270179099' post='2244845']
Let that soak in for a few minutes.

That aside, kind of hard to put that aside though isn't it?

Congrats RIA on your new gov.

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Hey, guys, remember that time we all plotted to destroy LUE? ;>.> Well, we're more than capable of it now. Whenever you're ready, I'm down.

<3 LUE

I haven't forgotten what LUEnited Nations did for the RIA back when we were new.

EDIIIIIT: Oh lordy, LUE is a merger between MK and Vanguard? ;>_> I haven't forgotten what the OLD LUEnited Nations did for us.

EDIT: Damnit, I wanted it to be real. >_> Don't go all April Fools on me now.

Edited by Great Lord Moth
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