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<<Insert obligatory joke about blocks and falling/aligning here>>

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Tetris recently held elections. If you'll look closely at the Tetris charter, you'll realize we should have had them a while ago. To this, we say, who cares? (I do. Damn you Logan.)

The following is the newest government of Tetris:

[center]Game Developer - Logan
Programmer of Foreign Matters - Pollard
Programmer of Internal Matters - Granat
Programmer of Game Patent - Kean

Deputy Programmer of Foreign Matters - Rhaemyr
Deputy Programmer of Internal Affairs - Russian Nesting Dolls


Game Councilor - BladeX
Game Councilor - USMC123[/center]

Yes, we understand that Russian Nesting Dolls do not have an in game nation and are in fact, fictional, but we still feel they have done more for the alliance than Granat.

Also, the addition of Rhae as Deputy PoFM was in no way a method that I used to guarantee his vote. >.> <.< >.<.

[center][u][b]PARTY IN #TETRIS[/b][/u][/center]

Edit: Inserted Flag
Edit 2: Resized Flag
Edit 3: Censorship at Granat's Request
Edit 4: Picture of Russian Nesting Dolls

Edited by Darth Pollard
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[quote name='bluebirdmatt' date='31 March 2010 - 10:47 PM' timestamp='1270075606' post='2242546']
I approve but would also like to know why blade is not leader?

We liked the alliance as it is and not smoldering in a pit of ash.

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