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  1. 2nd Edition EDIT: (I'm not looking for your sympathy here, I'm reporting my side of the story and expressing my anger at LCN :hate:) So last time I posted an entry, it was about CN ending in 2012. Well know, I've got bigger news. For the past month or so, I've been in La Cosa Nostra, a relatively small and new alliance. They were desperate when I joined them, even using ipbfree forums. I made them phpbb3 forums, which everyone liked. I was root admin, I masked everyone, made all the forums, etc. Later on, I even wrote a charter, set up a technology program (www.lcntechnology.tk) and was an ambassador to a number of respected black team alliances. I became the Underboss, or second in command. Blind Murder v2 (or BMv2) was the Don, and Georgelopez the Consigliere (3rd in command). So anyways, last night, we were all talking. BMv2 was making fun of Georgelopez for being "mexican" (he's actually white). Georgelopez got really pissed, so, since we're this fun group of guys, I thought "What the hell" and I attacked BMv2. I then did 2 cautious ground attacked, and offered peace. I took 500,000 and 20 infrastructure. I stole no tech. Then he found out, and got SUPER mad. He threatend to kick me out. Then, BMv2 went out for a smoke. When he came back, he had thought about it. He knew what an asset I was to their alliance, and he told me it was fine. While he was away, I had been talking to Georgelopez. He's a relatively new player, and was asking what happened if BMv2 kicked me out. I told him I could just coup him, since I was admin to the forums. So today, I had been working more on the alliance, making more graphics, etc. BMv2 asked me about making him a "founder" of our forums, in case something like that happened again. I made him a founder (I didnt realize founder could ban root admin). So then I went out and played Basketball with my friends. When I came back I suddenly became involved in some twisted meeting where I was being account for treason by talking about Couping BMv2. They came up with terms for me while I was still digging up logs to show him. I was forced to leave LCN, be banned from the forums that I MADE, FORUMS THAT HE DOESNT EVEN KNOW HOW TO MASK PEOPLE ON. So thats how I came to apply for NpO. He queried me a bit earlier, here was our conversation. I urge you all to stay away from this alliance. They are trying to get into NOIR, but they are not stable. I built that alliance, and I believe they will disband in a few months. Goodbye, LCN.
  2. Penkala has come up with a brave solution- if alliances tech raid more one-two man alliances, they wont be so inclined to leave the big bad alliances. PC, Athens, FoB, \m/, RAID! RAID TO SAVE US!
  3. Hello ladies, gentleman, Jack Diorno. I'm here to report to you today about the ridiculous amount of protectorate. People just aren't joining big alliances anymore. And the people already in the big alliances are leaving them to make their own alliance. I'm afraid CN is in a downward spiral to where EVERYONE IS THEIR OWN ALLIANCE. I kid you not, there will hardly be an alliance with even five people, because everybody wants to have their own. All free forum hosts will blow up. IRC channels will disintegrate. EVERY SINGLE ALLIANCE NAME WILL BE USED! When will all this happen? December 21, 2012. The ancient Mayans predicted it, the Hopi Indians, Tygaland's kittens... There's only one possible outcome. Ladies, gentleman, Jack Diorno... THIS WILL BE THE END OF PLANET BOB AS WE KNOW IT.
  4. Are you hiring? For Litter Box maintenaince, I mean.
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