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  1. Callebaut

    WOTing on Schatt

    All sorts of reasons to appreciate OsRaven.
  2. Callebaut

    War Stats

    If it's easy, a NS chart by coalition would be pretty cool.
  3. Hide valuables. Giving notice to the neighbors can be a good idea depending on how well they know you (the better they know you, the better an idea to give them heads up). If possible, lock your mom's bedroom so "unsavory" things don't happen in there. Also, have a good f***ing time and worry about the mess the morning/afternoon after.
  4. Callebaut


    It deserves a more in-depth analysis, but I'll just mention the possibility of a correlation between static government lineups in major alliances and the existence of many mid to small alliances.
  5. This is awesome, thanks for sticking with it and keeping it updated. Any chance of a second chart that doesn't include alliances that are no longer involved? If it's more than minimal work, don't worry about it, but when looking through ongoing conflicts it'd be a bit easier to trace, haha.
  6. I'm too excited. Preordered the hard copy album (with sooooooo much extra art) and planning to download the virtual copy on Saturday. 4 years well spent, but now it's time for some more Radiohead. Better not disappoint.

  7. A couple months ago you complimented me on my In Rainbows sig/ava set, and now it is my turn to compliment your current choice of avatar. The nineteenth went from being five days away to being an eternity of waiting.

  8. Callebaut

    Blog War

    Thanks blog-VE. To the blog-haters, eh. It's not like VE was twiddling their thumbs for five days, their help came as it could and as we needed it.
  9. To help simplify your life, one of the ones you missed was Kingdom of Hyrule (KoH) on Misfit Nations (MN) Thanks for making the best chart of the war
  10. I Love your sig/avatar. :D

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