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Veritas Aequitas Declaration of War

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[size="5"][center][b]Veritas Aequitas DoW[/b][/center][/size]

In accordance with the "Share and Conquer" Optional Defense Pact, Veritas Aequitas declares war on HeroesofGaming in defense of World Freedom Federation.

[i]Erixxxx[/i], Lord Protector
[i]Amanita phalloides[/i], Lord of Armed Forces
[i]Discojames[/i], Lord of Internal Affairs
[i]Boskosbigdawgs[/i], Lord of Economic Development
[i]mankiller[/i], Lord of Foreign Affairs
[i]wanderofys[/i], Lord of Recruitment
[i]rabonnobar[/i], That guy who is running the military since amanita is away for a bit

tl;dr: VA DoWs HoG.


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[quote name='Penkala' date='04 February 2010 - 11:28 PM' timestamp='1265347728' post='2160487']
Now I want to join WFF :P

You mean HoG? We're defending WFF.

And I'd personally LOVE to see ya change over to HoG...but that's just me. I'd even come down to say hi. But I have a feeling HoG has higher standards than that.

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