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Imperial Decree of the Sith

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There are times in every leader's journey when he has to ask himself to what end he is leading. To what ultimate purpose has he sought to serve those that follow him in the Cyberverse.

Today I saw this question come to me. Today upon looking at the situations across the Cyberverse I came to realize that even though my own alliance is facing nearly insurmountable odds, I can not side idle while a long time friend suffers for doing nothing more than honoring its treaties.

Therefore, even in consideration that the New Sith Order is already engaged on multiple fronts and is taxed beyond reasonable measure, and in light of the failures of some to stand up for what is Just in a world of legalistic injustices, I, Ivan Moldavi, Dark and Sovereign Lord of the New Sith Order, issue this declaration of war upon the alliance known as CSN in defense of our friends in the Siberian Tiger Alliance.

I hereby invoke my right under the Moldavi Doctrine to intercede where I deem it necessary into the affairs of others and will stand alongside my beleagured comrades, even if others will not.

Frostbite as a legal entity may be dead, but the spirit of that pact will never die.

Though we may suffer, let the Cyberverse never forget, the Sith live and die as one and we will give all for our friends.

- Ivan Moldavi

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