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Rollrating and MK Hatin'

Groucho Marx

Roll-rate us please  

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Needs to get rollrated - Bel Air
Bel-Air hating on MK is making me lol every time I see it these days..

'Damnit, they're better than us.. They're funnier than us.. Everyone likes them more than us.. We just want to be like them and we don't know what we're doing wrong.. We like you MK but we have to act like we hate you because you guys obviously think we're retards.. Which we are.. But still..'

Now for a wall of text you won't even read because you just want to vote!:

Since that's all we're about; hating on MK and needing to be rolled...I figure it's time to determine just how badly Bel Air needs to be rolled. It's quite clear that the CN Community knows what's best for it due to all the wonderful changes it's most committed members have instituted lately since the Karma War like changing the standard of Forum Conduct and an evident rise of Moralism in CN. It's quite clear the community knows everything. Like TOP are a bunch of stat huggers, the NPO will be scheming on how to take over the world again and how Sparta is horrible. I mean, who knows better than the average forum poster here? Obviously nobody. Because of this I have decided to air this issue out in the open so some of the wisest individuals of Planet Bob can come weigh in their most valuable opinion.

If you'd like me to make a comment for you anonymously, tough crap and do it yourself because I'm not your messenger boy. Happy voting!

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