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R&R Foreign Affairs Dispatch

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Hello bob! This is a quick announcment from R&R!

With elections for Dannyboy's Trium spot taking place in a close race between cmf0203 and DemonSpawn, all of us in R&R were eagerly anticipating the results. They are in.

By 2 votes, Cmf0203 won the trium vote. Congratulations!

Although, as good as this was, we needed a new MoI. I am proud to announce that veteran R&Rer Gurn has earned the MoI spot.

Our main gov now stands at:





State Department:

MoFA - Bilzey

DoFA - NoWai

Interior Department:

MoI - Gurn

DoI - Juslen

Defense Department:

MoD - DemonSpawn

DoD - Viking Goalie

Everyone is invited to #RnR to celebrate. :D

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