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  1. VoC are good guys. Great to see this finally done.
  2. Winter is coming. And this is a good choice in allies, my friends.
  3. Thank you all for your and good wishes. [img]http://www.myemoticons.com/images/people/babies/baby-smiley.gif[/img]
  4. [quote name='Banksy' timestamp='1299111849' post='2650119'] xfd someone let ffrog into government. [/quote] Heh, what do you know? He can't do worse than some other ex-ODNers [quote name='Alaric' timestamp='1299113633' post='2650173'] Nice Group ! o/ DAWN p.s. Frannie bakes the best cookies! [/quote] I do?!? [quote name='Zessa' timestamp='1299123070' post='2650592'] Are you democratic yet? Also congrats and such. [/quote] Hey, Zessa, we miss you. Stop by for some chat sometime. And cookies. I didn't know I can bake cookies, but with Alaric enjoying them so much and Samu
  5. [quote name='Toraoji' timestamp='1298157680' post='2638709'] Gongrats DAWN! GLOF are some awesome allies. also, Considering GLOF's time table for these things, how many years ago did you start talking treaty with them? I'm just curious. (obviously kidding) [/quote] GLoF are certainly awesome friends and allies. As for time tables, we drag our feet in the same rhythm.
  6. Congrats, BAPS & Duckroll. A good combo, as far as I can see.
  7. I love the "Orange is the only citrus" thing. Maybe SGC will add it as a logo for a new t-shirt series soon. Also, welcome newcomers, it's great to have you on board.
  8. [quote name='SirWilliam' timestamp='1289158953' post='2505169'] I would've expected it more from Golan. [/quote] I believe Golan preference in drinks does not include beer, but rather scotch and other strong spirits, indeed. Thank God we have these two German fellas with us, between shilo and TheMaskedLord, we could find a decent German beer to review. FARK would've been sad otherwise. And I've come to actually enjoy Persephone's presence, so that would have been very unfortunate.
  9. [quote name='SirWilliam' timestamp='1289009547' post='2503402'] Where's the outrage at having to do a Beer Review!? [/quote] Sorry, shilo's still out. If he manages to actually sober up enough to come here and state something (anything intelligible) he might express some outrage (or not). I, for one, am glad my whip can rest.
  10. [quote name='Fernando12' timestamp='1288995317' post='2503182'] It took approximately 6 months to pay off the terms? I forget what they were, but either there was no rush in paying them off by mutual choice of both sides or the terms were harsher than they seemed? Terms should be for the truly evil like GOONS Yes, I referenced the GOONS and expect them to enter here shortly with some nonsense [/quote] Before GOONS get to post their "nonsense" here, I have a bit of that too: the war with gRAMlins ended on July 31, which means we've paid our reps in 3 months. And yes, there was no ru
  11. I'd also like to thank TORN and GLoF for their help and support. We owe you one, guys!
  12. I stand before everyone today with a short announcement from DAWN: [center][img]http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/funny-pictures-little-kittens-are-exhausted.jpg[/img][/center] Yes, reps are done. The financial ones, at least. We still owe FARK a beer review, so here it is, on behalf of shilo, our designated beer specialist. I'd like to mention he's tried and reviewed this beer a while ago, but he's been out drunk ever since and we had to wait for him to sober up a bit, at least until I could figure out WTF he's saying, so I can post this in an approximate readable Engl
  13. Good looking lineup. I don't know about competency and whatnot, but with Sky in there, you've got the looks
  14. Now, what could this temptrading be and why would I use it?
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