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Blunity Announcement

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Blunity was formed on the idea of a forming a perfect economic unity between the alliances of the Blue Sphere. Today, with that in mind, we take another step forward and in the spirit of saving more internet trees, announce three new signatories to The Blunity Accords.

I'd like to welcome:

The Coalition of Erratic Nations

The Republic of Aquisgrana

The Conservative Underground

I'll be looking forward to working with our new signatories and getting to know each of them.

Signed for Blunity;

Ascended Republic of Elite States

Global Democratic Alliance


Greenland Republic

Imperial Assault Alliance

The Liquor Cabinet

New Polar Order

Nueva Vida

Union of Integrated National Entities

1-Touch Football

United Blue Directorate

Aurora Borealis

Signed for The Coalition of Erratic Nations;

Tharbakim, Director

Joke, Director

Midgetporn, Director

Siberian Jay , Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for The Republic of Aquisgrana;

Valdemar, Magistratus

Elfriede Riotte, Minister Legati

Signed for The Conservative Underground;

CommanderCato, Governor

Unholyprior, Director of Internal Affairs

RoTaD, Director of Military Affairs

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Thank you, everyone, for the warm welcome.

A special thanks to Nueva Vida - the best protector ever - and to our national hero, Hizzy!

o/ Blunity!

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