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Feliz cumpleaños; The Dark Templar

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Happy Birthday, The Dark Templar!!!!!11111111

Congratulations on one year in, you've come a long ways since your creation three hundred and sixty five days-ish ago. You've made lasting friendships, and are one hell of an alliance. I consider all of you /b/rothers, and even though you and I no longer fly the same flag, you are all my best-buddies.

Heres a little song I wrote for Supa_Troop3r

Supa Troop3r Off In This Hoe

Watch him Lean And Watch him Rock?

Supa Troop3r Dat Hoe

Then Watch him Crank Dat Robocop?

Supa Fresh, Now Watch him Jock

Jocking On Them Haterz Man

When h Does Dat Supa Troop3r

He Lean To The Left And Crank Dat Dance

(Now You)

o/ The Dark Templar, forever and always





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