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C&G Announcement

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Almost six months ago the Mushroom Kingdom took under its guidance the Federation of Buccaneers, an up-and-coming alliance. Since then the Complaints & Grievances Union has grown closer - much closer - to the lovable pirates, so much so that bonds and relations have been established and strengthened. Their membership in the bloc has recently been seriously considered, and by overwhelming vote the signatories of C&G have decided to welcome FoB into our ranks, both as friends and as equals.

Welcome. o7


Runz celebrating with two pirate hookers. Who may be related.


Announcing our Complaints & Grievances

Article I.

We, the undersigned, remain true to each other, first and foremost, as friends and, more importantly, as equals. Our complaints and grievances stem from our similarities and brotherhood, and we can not be dissuaded from our bonds with our comrades.

Article II.

We pledge mutual defense AND aggression in times of conflict, doing so with the utmost trust in each others motives and reasoning. We live as one, and fight as one.

Article III.

In the course of history, it is only natural for friends to make more friends. As we are open and accepting of our allies' allies, a new alliances may be accepted into the C&G union with a majority vote +1.

Article IV.

In some instances, an alliance may feel that they are simply going in another direction. If that is the case, the alliance(s) in question must submit a private resignation 72 hours in advance, notifying the group of its intentions.

Article V.

In some instances, an alliance may take actions that the groups sees as unfit for the whole. As such, with a majority +1 vote, the group may expel the offending alliance.

Article VI.

This agreement is not a replacement for current treaties. Acceptance or withdrawal/expulsion does not void any treaties made outside of this agreement.

/s/ for Athens

Londo Mollari, Archon eponymos

Max Beck, Archon eponymos

Rsoxbronco1, Archon basileus

Angryraccoon, Polemarch

UacYuri, Regent

Jgoods45, Theorodokos

/s/ for FoB

Pirate King- Runz & Sagha

Speaker of the Mast- Care_Bear

Speaker of the Crew- Oda

/s/ for Greenland Republic

Archon: Al

Vice-Archon: Shamedmonkey

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ilselu1

Minister of Defence: Virillus

Minister of Finance: Kosherness

Minister of Interior: Acid

/s/ for =LOST=

Hombre de Murcielago--Emperor

Wyrmon--501st Commander







Devilyn Caster--MoIA


Wargarden--Chief Justice

Neo X--Inquisitor


/s/ for Mushroom Kingdom

Archon, King

SirWilliam, Prince

Joker, Lord High Vanguard

potato, Lord High Envoy

Azaghul, Lord High Treasurer

Lafayette, Lord High Communicator

lebubu, Lord High Inductor

/s/ for Vanguard

sovereign - revanche

vizier - quite the user name

shield - rafael nadal

sword - tweak1029

treasurer - alekhine

hammer - mesa

scholar - thaliak

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So, now that C&G is back up to six, how long before Athens eats someone and you have to go looking for another replacement so as to not change the logo?

I jest, of course. Congratulations to FoB!

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