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  1. I wouldn't really call the time between Karma and BiPolar to be the era of moralism more of the era of nothing worth arguing about so people got to complain about all there pointless pet peeves such as tech raiding. True moralism was when people stood up against the powers that were and said that what was happening was wrong despite the risk to themselves and the alliances they where part of.
  2. Now if i understand what you are saying is that people shouldn't create drama over people making drama because it kills the "color" which according to you is the sounds exactly like drama. In case you didn't realize that is the drama, people complaining against the actions of others is how drama is created people need a force to rally against and that force needs to do things in which other people will blindly complain about despite the legitimacy of the complaints.
  3. Politicians have always need a baseless insult to call people they disagree with in order to scare the uneducated voter to vote for them. It used to be calling someone a communist, now its calling someone a racist or a socialist or whatever other generic insult they can sling at those who oppose them.
  4. joined about a month after Q formed so Pax Pacifica
  5. I would say nobody is talking about why there are less people in CN now then there was is because there is nothing to talk about. CN saw heavy growth in 06 and 07 because it was discovered by many other online groups and those groups invaded over. Now these groups already know about CN and as such much less mention of it exist outside of the already established areas. If people want more players in CN and the return of the 1000 man alliances then start seriously recruiting off site or try to convince admin to start advertising the game so that more then a relatively small handful know about this game's existence.
  6. I can watch Pawn Stars simply because they items they buy are somewhat historic occasionally plus its far less stupid then other reality TV shows. However shows like Ice Road Truckers, American Pickers, that logging show, anything about 2012, anything about aliens, and any other show I turn on and has next to no facts in it i can't watch. Other then that i can take the shows like the American history one with a grain a salt and listening more to the facts presented then the stupid commentary.
  7. It would be a negative influence if it wasn't for the fact that if it wasn't for CN i would be wasting my time on something even less productive instead of actually doing anything.
  8. Except of course for the fact that if TOP/IRON hadn't jumped CnG then the NpO \m/ peace would have ended the war as nobody would have a reason to continue it anymore.
  9. I fail to see how asking 50% of an alliances tech as reps to 7 alliances that where attacked for no reason and dealt massive damage to during the fighting is unreasonable. If however you want to argue that this is a low counter offer then it is apparent that TOP and company truly have no idea how to negotiate anything other then getting reps as this is nothing besides insulting and makes many of the people they are fighting want to demand even higher reps.
  10. 5. Prices do not have set values. In fact they very nature of the game contradicts this. Infra prices rise as you go along and losing 100 out of 1000 infra may be seem like a lot but a 3 million boost from a large nation easily covers it while losing 100 out of 8000 infra cost much much more to replace. More money means people have more stuff but it also means the stuff is harder to replace because you need more money to replace it which is why wars go on the numerical amount asked in reps will increase simply to cover a faction of the cost done in battle.
  11. We did not attempt to spread communism in America if we had they would be communist. We did spread communism in China and Russia though.
  12. sure they got beat down for abusing power thats right, wait what are you talking about? The people in charge now, if you could call it in charge as like mentioned before nobody has enough power to enforce an actual hegemony, where beat down for being a potential threat to those in charge at the time.
  13. I thought it was a well known fact that all major alliances are directly controlled by MK and that in fact all alliance leaders of ever alliance in the top 50 was a MK plant. Everything that goes on is solely for Archon's amusement now. After this war is ended various alliances will acting out episodes of Friends, first we need to see who will be Joey though which is the real reason why this war started.
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