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  1. I wouldn't really call the time between Karma and BiPolar to be the era of moralism more of the era of nothing worth arguing about so people got to complain about all there pointless pet peeves such as tech raiding. True moralism was when people stood up against the powers that were and said that what was happening was wrong despite the risk to themselves and the alliances they where part of.
  2. Now if i understand what you are saying is that people shouldn't create drama over people making drama because it kills the "color" which according to you is the sounds exactly like drama. In case you didn't realize that is the drama, people complaining against the actions of others is how drama is created people need a force to rally against and that force needs to do things in which other people will blindly complain about despite the legitimacy of the complaints.
  3. [quote name='Aeternos Astramora' timestamp='1289276977' post='2507264'] Something tells me that if there are four alliances with less than 200 members above a sanctioned alliance, something needs to change. [/quote] just be glad its not 300 anymore or else only 8 alliances would meet sanction requirements.
  4. Politicians have always need a baseless insult to call people they disagree with in order to scare the uneducated voter to vote for them. It used to be calling someone a communist, now its calling someone a racist or a socialist or whatever other generic insult they can sling at those who oppose them.
  5. both Rok and Atlantis where i believe sanctioned in under 6 months from the date of there creation. I also vaguely recall seeing something about how Rok was literally 1 day slower at achieving sanction than Atlantis was but i may be wrong.
  6. [quote name='Lao Pan' timestamp='1280379291' post='2393575'] What's the purpose of the tier lines, wouldn't it be simpler to have sanctioned alliances and then everyone else in one large group? [/quote] the race used to be one large conglomerate but as the qualifications to be in the sanction race are to have over half of the lowest sanctioned alliance score the alliances at the bottom are in truth still months away from sanction at best so the tier system shows who is actually racing for sanction and might achieve it with a small merge or a growth spurt while the alliances below tier 1 or
  7. joined about a month after Q formed so Pax Pacifica
  8. [quote name='elborrador' date='13 July 2010 - 11:49 AM' timestamp='1279036122' post='2369350'] Itt sparta tries to play itself off as a respectable alliance. You have always been spuneleas cowards and you always will be. On topic though my gut tells me that cng and sf will split when they no longer share a common enenemy' or that enemy is sufficiently pacified, ala wut after Gw3 [/quote] The key difference between WUT and SG is that WUT was formed as a superbloc and existed for the purpose of crushing the alliances involved enemies. Once those enemies where no more the more aggress
  9. the losing side will have started it and it will be over something that makes absolutely no sense at all when you actually think about it.
  10. I would say nobody is talking about why there are less people in CN now then there was is because there is nothing to talk about. CN saw heavy growth in 06 and 07 because it was discovered by many other online groups and those groups invaded over. Now these groups already know about CN and as such much less mention of it exist outside of the already established areas. If people want more players in CN and the return of the 1000 man alliances then start seriously recruiting off site or try to convince admin to start advertising the game so that more then a relatively small handful know about th
  11. [quote name='Chief Savage Man' date='02 July 2010 - 10:21 PM' timestamp='1278123678' post='2358307'] Funny I seem to remember being asked to agree to accept peace with NpO by MK and RoK several times from the beginning to the very end of the conflict. [/quote] shush now we can't let facts get in the way of opinions, after all it can't possibly be that the side that won the war wasn't plotting the entire thing from the very beginning, thats simply not how it is done. I mean the next thing you know people will be saying that SG never meant to be an evil hegemony its just sort of happened.
  12. that yellow really needs to change to something that is reasonably legible.
  13. i demand a war between this group of supposed sith and the NSO, this universe has only enough room for one Emperor of the Sith.
  14. [quote name='Ernesto Che Guevara' date='07 June 2010 - 12:53 AM' timestamp='1275886401' post='2327430'] And with that, Valhalla and the New Polar Order officially declared war in what some would later call the most ridiculous war in over three weeks. [/quote] actually at the rate the logic behind CB's are going nowadays that would likely be the most reasonable war of the year.
  15. I can watch Pawn Stars simply because they items they buy are somewhat historic occasionally plus its far less stupid then other reality TV shows. However shows like Ice Road Truckers, American Pickers, that logging show, anything about 2012, anything about aliens, and any other show I turn on and has next to no facts in it i can't watch. Other then that i can take the shows like the American history one with a grain a salt and listening more to the facts presented then the stupid commentary.
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