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Treaty Cancellation

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Ragnarok gave notice to The German Empire over 48 hours ago of cancellation of the "Hands off our wimmenz" treaty.

VII. Termination

While both alliances hope this awesome friendship will never end, we both realize that sometimes bad things happen and good times end. As such, if either signatory desires to cancel this treaty, they must notify the other alliance. If a signatory delivers a notice of cancellation, this treaty will be void exactly forty-eight (48) hours from the moment notice is given.

Reasons were given in private.

Ragnarok wishes The German Empire all the best for the future.

Alfred von tirpitz - Triumvir

rishnokof - Triumvir

Tautology - Triumvir

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I thank Ragnarok for their friendship and support in the past and perhaps we can rebuild these old ties again someday.

We in TGE wish your alliance the very best for the future.

Edited by Reinhard Scheer
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