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Announcement From CN's Eldest Democracies

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Lets just say this should have happened a long time ago.

Los Acuerdos de Gatos de Naranja



We, the undersigned, hereby come together in this forging of a new friendship between our alliances, and to strengthen these bonds with a commitment of Peace, Intelligence, and Aid.

Article I: Peace

I. Regular communication, spamming, and general chit-chat is encouraged between the respective members of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, herein referred to as GATO, and the Orange Defense Network, herein referred to as ODN.

II. Both GATO & ODN agree not to commit any actions of espionage or any other sort of form that may harm each other. Such actions are regarded as a breach of treaty.

III. Both GATO & ODN and their respective members will treat each other with as much respect and decency as they would show one of their own members. Alliance members are expected to show consideration by going through the proper channels when addressing a concern.

IV. Both GATO & ODN agree, in the event a member nation of either signatory alliance be declared war upon by a member of the other signatory alliance, the nation attacking shall be subject to the following:

IV.a. The member nation attacking shall immediately offer peace to the nation being attacked and will be responsible to pay for all of the damage he has caused

IV.b. The member nation attacking will be subject to punishment by the court of their own signatory alliance

Article II: Intelligence

Should either under-signed alliance obtain information that could be construed as of value to the other signatory, said informed alliance is required to immediately share this information with the other party.

Article III: Aid

Both GATO & ODN agree that they will contribute aid to the other party. Such aid must be within the limits of each party. Such aid requests shall be placed in the other party's embassy and the leader shall have to acknowledge the aid request. An acceptable reason should be stated, or else aid need not be forth coming. Also, aid requests may be rejected, though the other party must have a valid reason. Aid should only be asked for in times of need, and special circumstance. Any aid requests made under false claims shall be viewed as a breach of this treaty.

Article IV: Optional Defense

In the event of a defensive conflict for either partner, the attacked party may petition the other for aid, which may be delivered via diplomatic, financial, or military assistance. The limits and form of this aid are at the sole discretion of the petitioned party, and they are under no obligation to deliver said assistance.

Article V: Cancellation

Both GATO & ODN agree, upon cancellation of this pact, each partnered signatory alliance shall give at least a seventy-two (72) hour notice to the other partner first via private channels and then to the world at large upon receipt and acknowledgement of the desire to cancel.

Signed for the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization

Kevlar, Assembly Chairman

Laserwolf, Minister of Foreign Affairs

19th Congress of GATO

Signed for the Orange Defense Network

Sunstar - Secretary General

Zessa - Secretary of Defense

Arsenal - Secretary of State

Merlin - Secretary of Economics

Yates - Secretary of the Interior

ODN Senate XXIX - Joracy, Cataduanes, Proximus, Dujek, & amad123

Its my pleasure to have the opportunity to post this treaty and symbol of re-found friendship from ages past. For Kevlar and myself this is a fitting send off, and I hope to see continued friendship between our alliances for a long time.

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I am pleased that this has finally come to fruition, and I look forward to working closely with GATO in the near future.

In addition, Cataduanes and Laserwolf are deserving of extra congratulations for the effort they've put into this treaty for their respective alliances.


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