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R&R/TOP/ODN/TCO/LOUD/ToH/UPN/FEAR/UCN/Wolfpack Joint Announcement

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After a few days of negotiations and many days of glorious war the alliances of R&R, TOP, ODN, TSO, LOUD, and ToH met with UPN, FEAR, UCN, and Wolfpack and were able to work out a deal for peace. All opponents were extremely honorable on the battlefield and those who were simply honoring treaties are now able to find peace in these times.

We have agreed to the following terms:

All wars between the undersigned will cease immediately. UPN, FEAR, UCN, and Wolfpack will receive white peace.

Additionally, UPN, FEAR, UCN, and Wolfpack agree not to re-enter this conflict or offer aid either militarily or financially to those still involved in the conflict.

We have all fought a good fight. Although we ended up on different sides, all parties were able to remain respectful at all times even through the dark trenches of war. On behalf of R&R, TOP, ODN, TSO, LOUD, and ToH, I wish UPN, FEAR, UCN, and Wolfpack the best of luck in rebuilding themselves now that they have achieved peace.


For R&R,

Gofastleft, Triumvir

Danielg42, Triumvir

Quagsville, Triumvir

Hawk, Minister of Foreign Affairs

DemonSpawn, Minister of Defense


For TOP,

Crymson, Grandmaster

Dr. Dan, Grand Hospitaller

SomeGuy, Grand Chancellor


For ODN,

Sunstar, Secretary General

Arsenal, Secretary of State

Proximus, Secretary of Defense

Merlin, Secretary of Economics

Yates, Secretary of the Interior

Senate XXVIII of the ODN: Joracy, Franziskaner, Dujek, Cataduanes


For TSO,

Celt, sam, Dragonaspect



The Ascendancy; Stagger Lee, Draeg, Balthier


For ToH,

High Magistrate: Lenard

Vice Magistrate: General Sonlar

Ministers of External Affairs: Earl McMann, Roy McMann

Minister of Defense: Calixo

Minister of Finance: Rarunner

Minister of Admissions: Assyra


For UPN,

Altheus, Founder of the UPN

Hansarius, Chancellor

BecksforDinner, Minister of Internal Affairs

WarlordNazrag, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Magister Agricolarum, Minister of Defense

AncientIago, Minister of Communications

Abdur, Minister of Recruitment

DonVox, Minister of Finance



Turetel, Chancellor of FEAR


For UCN,

Popsumpot, Secretary of the Exterior

Borimir Resurrected, Secretary of the Interior

Cashan, Minister of Defense

DonPinguino, Minister of Communication

NuTkaSe, Minister of Foreign Affairs


For Wolfpack,

Wolfprince ~ Alpha

Gimlimonkey ~ Beta

Edmundomcpot ~ Shaman

Cookiemonster ~ High Consul

<DarkFox[uCN]> Hawk i hope you remembered to mention snuggle at least once

<Borimir> Snuggle.

<Borimir> Bunnies.

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