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You tell me I post useless threads?

This could easily have been conveyed in private channels.

Well, yes, but it would have taken a rather long time. I personally think this was much quicker.

Also, for those that haven't seen it yet, this is one of the reasons the idea of GOD surrendering to GDA is ludicrous.

(sippyjuice[GDA]) We want to make the rest of this war as honorable as possible.

(sippyjuice[GDA]) Given the rather crazy beginning

(sippyjuice[GDA]) If you guys are willing, we are willing to fight this war without the use of nukes

(NoFish[GOD]) No.

(NoFish[GOD]) Sorry, but we have a huge nuclear advantage.

(NoFish[GOD]) We're not going to just give that up.

(sippyjuice[GDA]) understandable

(Comrade_X[GOD]) Yup. Not a chance. You attack us, you get nuked.

(Thrash[GDA]) is that your general MO?

(Comrade_X[GOD]) Yup.

(Comrade_X[GOD]) We didn't spend billions on those MPs to not use them

(sippyjuice[GDA]) Well, if you guys aren't willing to budge then... I guess this is over...

(Comrade_X[GOD]) Ta.

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