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  1. vBulletin is ok if you can figure it out, but IPB is significantly easier to use and cheaper, and is also a much better (and less buggy) piece of software imo. That and you don't get screwed by license changes when you want to upgrade. @OP: IPB3 was a complete rewrite; it literally shares no code with IPB2. The differences aren't too big from the user's perspective, but for admins, webmasters, etc., it's a huge difference.
  2. I'm interested - What are these vulnerabilities for Chrome and Safari? I use them both as my primary browsers, so..
  3. 3 bugs: The tools menu is nonfunctional in any WebKit-based browser on OSX. I normally use Safari or Chrome, and it's a pain to start up Firefox just for this site. "Remember me" on the login page doesn't work; I still have to log in every time. Hitting spacebar isn't working to select checkboxes in the resource list on the infra calculator since the latest update. $5 donation for each one you fix. Also: lmao at your saying IE is a good browser.
  4. BacTalan

    New Forums!

    The banner needs redone but overall I'm a huge fan of IPB3, so I have little else to complain about.
  5. (As in, he spammed us..)

  6. Actually, that's a surprisingly good suggestion for a sanction method. It'd be a really big change, but I'd prefer it, to be honest.
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