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A Joint Declaration of War

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A Joint Declaration of War from Sparta and The Brigade

Last night TOOL joined the fray. They joined on the other side. Tonight we declare on TOOL.

Signed with love,

Sparta and The Brigade

tl;dr: We thought you were going to hit us, and we don't want our lists to go to waste.

PS - For those with aspirations of becoming e-lawyers, we're activating the ODP in NOIR in defense of The Dark Templar. As per Article IV of The Phalanx Directive with The Brigade, they will joining us in the operation.

PPS - TOOL seems pretty cool, and that rhymes. This should be fun.

Hail NOIR!

Hail The Brigade!

Doxa Sparta!

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[00:33] <IronMan[sparta]> o/ SPARTA!

[00:33] <IronMan[sparta]> FOR DT!

[00:33] <IronMan[sparta]> FOR Fort_Pitt|DT!

[00:33] <Fort_Pitt|DT> YAY!

[00:33] <IronMan[sparta]> :D

[00:33] <Fort_Pitt|DT> o/ Sparta! o/ DT!

yay a DoW for me :D

o/ Sparta!

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