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Announcement from The Centurion Brotherhood

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So the other day we got to thinking that we're starting to amass a nice number of protectorates. And then I thought about how great I am. Suddenly, it came to me: we'd group our protectorates together, under a name that would stroke my ego (and other regions). So we have this nice new treaty for you today.

This treaty replaces all our single protectorate treaties.



Cult of Xander

A TCB Protectorate Bloc


The Undersigned alliances agree to a Protectorate-ODOAP for purposes of defense, guidance, and friendship.

Article I - Amity

The signatory alliances and their member states will treat all signatories and their member states with respect and decency, just as they would their own. All members of the signatory alliances are expected to show tact and consideration by going through the proper channels when addressing concerns.

Article II - Non Aggression

Member alliances are obligated to desist from any act of violence against the other signatories, be it through aggressive action, and any attack on each other either individually or jointly with other power. All alliances declare their intent to resolve any issues between the parties through regular diplomatic discourse.

Article III - Adviser

The Protectorates agree to allow the Protector to supply an Adviser to the alliances. This Adviser will have a government mask without Administrator privileges, and will assist in educating the alliance on how to maintain day-to-day operations.

Article IV - Military Aid and Assistance

A declaration of war on any Protectorate is a declaration on both that protectorate and the Protector. Likewise, any other Protectorate is encouraged, although not required to assist. If the Protector is declared on, it may request assistance from the Protectorates on a voluntary basis. The Protectorates must notify the Protector before any aggressive military actions.

Article V - Economy

The Protectors agree to help the Protectorates with economic support in the form of advice and foreign aid, provided that they use this solely for the purpose of their own growth. Any reasonable economic requests from the Protectors must be met, to the best of their abilities.

In addition, all member alliances agree to work closely together on tech deals to help support signatory alliances' economies.

Article VI - Non Espionage

None of the signatory alliances will engage, or support espionage on any other signatory in any way. If an alliance receives information relevant another, they are obligated to notify them immediately, giving complete disclosure on the issue.

Article VII - Foreign Policy

The protectorate alliances will consult the Protector before making major decisions in foreign policy, such as signing new treaties and declaring war upon other alliances.

Article VIII - Admission

Admission into the bloc is contingent on a TCB vote.

Article IX - Senate Votes

Protectorates are encouraged, but not required to Vote for senator(s) specified by the Protector for the Pink team senate.

Article X - Termination of Membership

Protectorates may leave at any time, provided they notify the Protector before doing so. After which a 72 hour grace period exists where the provisions of this are still valid.

Signed for The Centurion Brotherhood

King Xander the Only, King of the Brotherhood

The Royal Centurion Court


Signed for ICON

Emperor Jack o lantern of Atlantiss

Founder Bloody of BloodNation

Signed for Iunctus:

Imperator - Teh Chad

Signed for New Found Outlaws:

Veracity of drunkenville, Emperor

Signed for PIMP:

Sargun, King Pimp

Signed for The Paladins:

King of The Paladins, 890765 of Syphonia

Signed for Keepers of the Ska Robot Army:

Bat Commander Kroknia


Edited by King Xander the Only
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