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Happy Birthday

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Hello our little green gooey buddies! The GGA is three years old today!

It is hard to believe that we are now three years old, but the GGA continues to grow and have a lot of Green Fun on Bob.

In celebration of this spectacular event, there is a party tonight in #gga and everyone is welcome to attend whoever you may be and wherever you may be from

The triumvirate wishes to take this opportunity to thank all of our members who have made this possible. You are the reason why the GGA continues to be the success that it is.

We have faced many challenges and turned them into accomplishments over the last year, and I would like to take this opportunity to lay out some of them for you as reminders.

1.) When I became Minister of Finance, my office tragically lacked a bar. But in the true spirit of leadership, I spent 4 million in GGA monies putting a small bar in. So now the MoF can party at work. (We made sure to keep a healthy supply of Milk on hand for yetanothername.)

2.) The GGA took a great step forward in equal rights for rodents when we became the first alliance on Bob to admit a Hamster to government. KungFuHamster has since served with distinction and continues to be useful when the triumvirate needs someone small to scratch in between our toes.

3.) In an effort to eradicate the spread of EMOness within the alliance, we contracted with Bilrow Pacific Industries who was able to provide us with our first Emobulance. As a result we now have emergency EMO response throughout our grand alliance.

4.) In what was undoubtedly one of the biggest discoveries of the entertainment world, we discovered that our very own Derek Jones was actually the 4th Jonas Brother....his real name Derka Jonas.

5.) ALdbeign came back out of retirement and assisted with our Ministry of Finance after discovering that a combination of metamucil, organic grass juice, and Flintstones Vitamins were adequate for helping our senior citizens maintain active lifestyles. The same treatment is currently in use by Sognatore leading to a new era of Elder activity.

With that said, it is time to reflect on some of our prior members who have gone on to bigger and better things, either elsewhere on Bob...or in real life.








Lucas Perry





sorry if I missed one.

Here is to making the next year the best that the GGA has ever had. We are a happy, proud, and green people. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GGA!!!!

(PS. Now that we are three...should we start potty training?)

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Did you really feel so irrelevant that you had to post a thread announcing your 3rd year in CN being a few days away, and then a thread to announce said anniversary?

Even when the first thread is still on page one of Alliance Announcements :rolleyes:

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