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  1. I have this horrible habit of eating out too much, it's not healthy for myself or my wallet.... but has anyone been to Tacobell recently? I went through the drive through today and was greeted over the intercom with an enthusiastic "HI THERE, HOW ARE YOU?" to which I really didn't know how to respond. How many times have you been to a fast food restaurant where the employees were genuinely happy to serve you? It's a rare happening for me. To be honest it down right creeped me out. So I ordered my food and upon arriving at the window, the cashier looked down right miserable and sounded nothing like the voice from the intercom. Prerecorded greeting maybe? I think it was. I get enough of those as it is when I try to call stores and schools, and if that wasn't bad enough, now the recordings have invaded my food source. I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon.
  2. Absolutely fascinating.

    The Gunfighter is badass. :3

  3. I bet you didnt know my avatar is from the dark tower.

    A young roland.


  4. Hippy

    Notes On Time

    Time ravages everything they say.
  5. Hippy

    I :wub: Norton

    I've actually had nothing but good experience with Norton. Go figure.
  6. Awesome avatar. The Dark Tower is a pretty good series. :)

  7. Yes it is epic. They are some of my favorite books.

  8. The Dark Tower = Epic

  9. Oh hell I just saw it again. I hope you choke on my tears. :P

  10. I feast on your delicious tears. :v

    Also, hello.

  11. I might rip my eyes out if I see your sig or avy just one more time..... >.>

    And Hai

  12. Hippy

    An Upstarts Guide

    I have to second Wentworth, and it wasn't a bad read either.
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