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  1. When a friendship fails to flourish then you have nobody to blame but yourself.
  2. I commend the New Pacific Order for the defense of her allies. May your allies also support you. Sincerely, The Right Honourable The Lord Price 1st Earl Price of Central Confederacy
  3. My Lords, I have had the privilege of reading in draft the agreement of my noble and learned friend Ezequiel. For the reasons he states with which I am in full agreement I welcome this Union of the Commonwealths. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties and so bear ourselves that if the Yellow Commonwealth of Nations and this Union last a thousand years, people will say that this was our finest hour Sincerely, The Right Honourable The Lord Price 1st Earl Price of Central Confederacy Chancellor - Yellow Commonwealth of Nations
  4. I don't know what surprises me more...the fact that legion has balls or that they were even able to find them...
  5. Well, I have to say that this is interesting news. It will be interesting to see how having power to remove the Emperor will affect things. This is kind of interesting because it means that the Emperor is no longer the Sovereign. The people are now sovereign and permit their sovereignty to be exercised through an Emperor.
  6. This was definitely interesting. The dark side comes for you my friends...cherish your values while you have them. Despair for your future. The dark side comes...
  7. I pray that the GOONS just get on with this please.
  8. Wanting a chance to succeed generally means a bit of notice...since you could not be manage that, I see no reason why the Sith should waste valuable and precious resources such as myself in protecting washed up "has beens" like you. But alas, I digress these things are no longer my decision thankfully.
  9. In my first post as a Sith...um...GAWD I HOPE NOT! Besides, I think we like the Ethiopians better...check with Dark Lord on that though.
  10. My Lords, I consider it an honor to serve with the New Sith Order...siggy to be changed shortly
  11. Well, I can't say that I am entirely surprised. On the one side of things, I think they should have had a protectorate lined up before they went and scrapped their old protectors...before they even uttered a word. With that said, I would have expected better from Non Grata, but who am I to judge. As far as Ezequiel...best there is, best there was, best there ever will be. You all should get to know him
  12. I am a bit confused. Did Legion actually believe that it was necessary to beat the New Pacific Order to the cancellation punch? Why?! Does it matter who cancels a treaty seriously? Oh well. Congrats Legion...you won I guess.
  13. My opinion only - NOT that of Exodus The New Sakura Order has committed an act of war against the SOS brigade. The SOS Brigade has responded to that attack, any attempt on the part of RIA to regulate the conduct of war against their brazen and ill mannered protectorate would most likely be inadvisable in the current political environment. [b][size="4"]JUST JOKING ... HAD MY FUN FOR THE DAY[/size][/b] SOS Brigade --- Attacking a protected alliance... = unsmart. Can't we all just get along.
  14. After reading this I am very surprised that I have managed to stay off everyone's EZI/PZI/UBERZI/what the heck ever ZI this is for, list...
  15. This decision by TOP deeply concerns me. Though I know that is little cause for alarm! The aggression of the Mushroom Kingdom as of late has been one of conquest. Their senseless and unprovoked attack against the New Pacific Order has led many to the belief that the Mushroom Kingdom presents the largest and most distinct threat to the security of peaceful alliances on planet bob. It is my fondest hope that the Mushroom Kingdom will return to the table of peace and help in ushering in a new era of peace and prosperity.
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