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The Defunct TV Network /A\/A\ccords


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The Defunct TV Network /A\/A\ccords

Anyone remember how increadably horrible the UPN cable network was? Well I do, I mean it turned into a step-child of that network DUB DUB DUB DUBYA BBEEEEEEEE (WB), you know with that dancing frog that I wanted to murder. Well this treaty is nothing like it.

It all started one dark and sexy night. Bones Malone came up to a one Juan Gato Pantalones, also known as UberSpion, and asked for some sexy. I was rather taken back by this approach and decided to school him on the ways of the Mambo #5. After dancing our hearts out and attempting to create a pilot. We decided to just make this treaty. How can you challenge the awesome line up UPN has. It had reruns of Star Trek: Voyager, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Clueless, Angel, WWF SMACKDOWN!.... I mean how can you possibly convince people of mobile housing, bearing tattoos of loved ones, webbed toes, and the term "wife beater" relates to a clothing item worn daily... To want to watch a dance royal between myself and Bones Malone. I KNOW... How could they turn us down.

So here we are.

UPN - /A\/A\ Mutual Defense and Optional Attack Pact

"The Defunct TV Network /A\/A\ccords"


The friendship between the United Purple Nations and Another Alliance started with the founding of Veni, Vidi, Vici, one of the three alliances that merged to form Another Alliance.

Veni, Vidi, Vici was founded by ex UPN members and they where protected by the United Purple Nations during their existence.

This treaty is signed to confirm and reinforce the bond we have together and to make it wider to all new UPN friends.

Article of Peace

Both alliances signing this pact remain sovereign and independent, as do the members in each alliance. Both alliances state that they will never declare war or conduct spying operations on the other signatory. If any of the nations of a signatory declares war or conducts a spying operation on a nation of the other signatory, that nation must declare peace and send the damaged nation money equal to one hundred percent of the damage for reparations. If the attacking nation doesn't respond in a fair period of time and continues his or her attacks the nation will be declared a rogue.

Article of Mutual Defense

A declaration of war on either of the signatories is a declaration of war on both signatories. Both signatories are expected to fight as if they are targeted directly and must coordinate attacks if possible. Both signatories must defend each other unless the situation explained in the bandwagon clause is in effect.

The bandwagon clause: If either signatory is put in a defensive war to defend an other ally they have a defensive treaty with, the other signatory of this pact has an optional defense right.

Article of Optional Aggression

Should either signatory engage in an offensive war, the other signatory is under no obligation to support or participate. Before a signatory engages in an offensive war, the signatory is expected to inform the other signatory with the reasons for the war. After this the other signatory can decide if they will support or participate in war.

Article of Information

If either of the signatories receives information that is vital to the other signatory, they are obligated to share that information. Neither alliance may conduct espionage on one the other signatory, nor by misleading nations of the signatories, nor by getting access to areas on the other alliances forums where they may not come, nor by any other way. Should either of the signing alliances receive information that indicates a breach of the other's security, they must notify the other alliance through secure channels immediately.

Article of Amendment

Any of the signatories have the right to propose amendments to this treaty, after which both signatories will have to agree before the amendment is taken in effect.

Article of Duration

In the unlikely chance any of the signatories want to step out of this pact, they must inform the other signatory 48 hours before stepping out, after this forty-eight hours there will be a non-aggression pact for one week.


For the United Purple Nations

Altheus - Founder of the UPN

Bones Malone - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Divine Proportion - Minister of Finances

Magister Agricolarum - Minister of Defense

Queen Elizabeth X - Minister of Recruitment

Becks For Dinner - Minister of Internal Affairs

Psyopper - Minister of Communications

For Another Alliance

UberSpion - Triumvirate of LULZ

ProdigyNL - Triumvirate of srsbsns

Mak - Triumvirate of Girl Fights

Thanks for reading, and have a wonder and lulzy day.

p.s. BM is no longer cool but absolute zero

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Sexy treaty is sexy

<3 UPN..... oh noes, it means i have to <3 Uber now........ my life is over

You have to Heart me now.

<3 Pansy

I Approve that is all!


p.s. BM is no longer cool but absolute zero

Whats this!! You start one little channel grab against the GGA sesh.

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Congrats to these 2 wonderful alliances, especially Another Alliance, it must be the most sexy alliance ever! :P

The sexyness of members like Uber, Mak, myself, Samo, !@#$ and ll the others combined is supreme to almost everyone but there was one alliance challenging our sexyness and that was UPN.

Instead of us killing them to be the undisputed sexiest alliance we decided to team up and sign this awesome treaty!

Altheus, Hans, DP, Bones, Moon, Becks, Lizzy, Magister, Juan and all the countless other UPNers :wub:

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