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  1. [quote name='SWAT128' timestamp='1294414523' post='2567308'] Actually, I went to CoJ as soon as I saw the war declared by Ty. He was ghosting my AA, and his attack was not sanctioned by me. [b]Cat Land does not support wars on awesome alliances.[/b] [/quote] There is where I believe we have a difference of opinions. Good to know he was ghosting though. Adds one more twist to the tale.
  2. Honestly, anyone able to face a threat with such poise and composure (read: good grammar) on OWF deserves applause. That being said, really? Nice try but anyone from CatLand is hard to take seriously.
  3. I heartily miss seeing updates to this.
  4. [quote name='Yevgeni Luchenkov' timestamp='1292811425' post='2545297'] I don't really get the Peggy Sue hate train. While she did make a few mistakes, she had been leading the UPN alone for a good while. Good luck to you Altheus. [/quote] I resent that. There was a lot going on with the few active people there, I'll have you know.
  5. There seriously should be a community standard against shenanigans like these.
  6. According to UPN forums, CDT is disbanded. EDIT: I suppose I should read more of the topic before posting. Alt beat me to it. Cant say I didn't see it coming.
  7. [quote name='SWAT128' timestamp='1279952493' post='2387213'] Forums : [url]http://z6.invisionfree.com/Cat_Land/index.php?[/url] I declare war on United Purple Nations for having people in my range with no nukes. Shame on them. [/quote] Expect us to show you which of our members in that range do have nukes.
  8. This is very similar to things that have been done in the past. Firstly I remember the red sphere back when NPO was in power was essentially a safe haven. The little known Citadel Trading Company was a leaderless, peaceful AA. Any non-warrior alliance would also essentially be the equivalent. I believe the OBR has a portion of it's Rosular Kingdom devoted to exactly this as well. Seriously, I don't see a plea to CN at large ever working in this system. Discuss this with a smaller unit (preferably a bloc) to get it started.
  9. To have 20-30 kids try to join CN in the matter of 3 weeks and understand the dynamic by the end of the unit is asking way too much. I could see you explaining the history and motives of CN as an independent case study to compare to reality (and show how very similar the two are).
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