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  1. danizduhman

    Deshi Basara

    o/ TOP! Welcome to the fight!
  2. danizduhman

    Mushroom Kingdom Declaration

    Glad to see this! o/ MK
  3. danizduhman

    Never bring an Umbrella to a gun fight

    [quote name='Caliph' timestamp='1358635363' post='3080298'] How so? Umbrella hits BIBO targets hard. They even hit a good ally's member for BIBO after they let Umbrella. If anything this shows that the policy of BIBO is not waived depending on the alliance of the BIBO target or the situation surrounding them, but that is shows that BIBO targets will be hit, regardless of the situations surrounding them. No, BIBO is the hitting of people who left Umbrella who signed the BIBO agreement. Stop acting like Umbrella did some uber dastardly thing here. Umbrella is utilizing BIBO, the same as they always have. It just so happens that AI took offense to this one specific instance of BIBO and brought their friends to the yard for the fight. Thats all it is. This is as good a CB as any, but don't try to claim BIBO is some uber evil thing or that you have gobs of high ground here, because you don't. THis is just another war, nothing more, nothing less. You found the excuse you were looking for, and you took it to start the war that everyone has wanted for months now. Its ok, you don't need ot be some justice crusade riding to war against the evils of BIBO. Its ok for this to be just another war and not some crusade where the justice league must ride out to destroy the evils of BIBO and save the princess. [/quote] I miss you Caliph
  4. danizduhman

    Never bring an Umbrella to a gun fight

    [quote name='JoshuaR' timestamp='1358634409' post='3080280'] It only requires six nukes. Also, in case people don't remember. Kowalski, a beloved Umbrellan and signatory of BIBO, left us for our good ally in VE. He was hit and nuked. [/quote] Truth.
  5. danizduhman

    Announcement from the Viridian Entente

    o/ VE Bon chance!
  6. danizduhman

    An Announcement from The Resistance

    Zig, I had no idea he was still around. Good to see it.
  7. danizduhman

    Aquaman Returns

    o/ Deinos. Good to see you.
  8. It's "defense". But good luck anyway, lolGOD
  9. danizduhman

    Announcement from Umbrella

  10. wow tR, blast from the past.
  11. danizduhman

    Umbrella Member Ratings

    [quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1329964242' post='2926056'] I hope you do. [/quote] Oh, I do. [quote name='white majik' timestamp='1329964255' post='2926057'] But my warchest is garbage, and my tech is garbage, and and and :majik: [/quote]
  12. danizduhman

    Umbrella Member Ratings

    [quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1329961537' post='2925984'] Every government member and parasol has an influence on foreign policy. [/quote] I feel incredibly important now. Thank you.
  13. danizduhman

    Two super amazing fun happy announcements

    Oh Joey... also hai2u Fireblade
  14. Well this is interesting.