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Announcement from the New Pecefic Order

Master Hakai

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I don't know if anyone else notice, but we have n't heard anything from New Peceifc Order (NpO) in a long time. Does Anyone volunteer to check in on their comings and goings? It's important to be aware of the elderly because, even though, we don't Often stop to think about it, they may need someone to offer a helping hand, (or if worst comes to) worst, potentially, make the call.


Please advise.


No photo description available.

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23 hours ago, lilweirdward said:

Unsure if this is poor form or not. Need Tevron to help police this situation and advise.

Nevermind, I'll just hit you up in dm. Best leave that OOC

Edited by Tevron
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10 minutes ago, Tevron said:

Still not sure what your problem is with me LWW. You should be a good Christian and speak to me about your grievances rather than mock me publicly. I thought I made that clear last time. Mind you, this is an OOC board, so maybe you're just RP'ing Christianity.



It's okay Tev, it's important for everyone to have their role in a community.

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25 minutes ago, Lyanna Mormont said:




Harriet Oleson in a nutshell, is a very stubborn, snooty person, thinking only of herself. Her husband was strongly against this, and tried to discipline her anytime possible. She is not nice, and she often made a fuss about the quality of the eggs Caroline daily bought in. She became better, after Nellie got married, as did Willie, but she never got the reflection of her personality correct. She did spoil her children. It is unknown why Harriet thought Nancy was similar to Nellie, as they were almost completely different, apart from teasing. As for example: Nancy was quite wicked, although Nellie was just snobbish. Harriet was almost going to become less spiteful in the episode: The Campout, but due to Nellie falling in the water with Laura, this changed.
[source https://littlehouse.fandom.com/wiki/Harriet_Oleson ]

I didn't realize I asked you.

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