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  1. You may be playing Cybernations, but I ~*preens smugly*~ am playing Abandonation

    1. Louisa


      And just like that [fwhoooosh] I am gone.

      Have a good life, any random stroller happening to pass by :)

  2. Hie thee to a convent, profile snooper! :mad:

    1. Louisa


      We should make every weekend baby sitting weekend.

  3. Yay I'm not deleted! :D

  4. I was just passing through. Nothing to see here~

  5. Also going to bed, have fun :)

  6. Hey :buddy: any Objectivist worth their Agricultural Commune will tell you that my resources beat the daddy of your resources, so there! (All's well, I hope?)

  7. A fat lot you know!

  8. Your resources suck :|

  9. Update your status please.

  10. did go? what in the worldwide heck?? I meant "did good" quite clearly and there will be no mistaking it!

  11. You did go and are to be spared when The Day comes

  12. There are too many Banned/Deleted people in my "Friends" list; how did this happen? I am going to fix this by getting rid of you all unless you send me a note in the next two weeks >:(

    1. jaaku


      you never got rid of me...did you? <3

    2. LunaticFringe


      I would comment but I'm banned from commentary.

  13. I have no idea how it happened (maybe because I never log in), but I just noticed your excellent taste in avatars :) Is there a beautifuller beer? (And I do not even like beer.)

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