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  1. Halfway up the stairs Isn't up And it isn't down. It isn't in the nursery, It isn't in town. And all sorts of funny thoughts Run round my head. It isn't really Anywhere! It's somewhere else Instead! --- from A. A. Milne's When We Were Very Young (Dutton, 1972) See, why didn't someone just say so at once? Then my tears would already have dried. Lol I'd totally forgotten the video in that thread; thanks again
  2. Thanks, both @lilweirdwardand @ericdred- not least for understanding my post. Ah well, a damn shame. I loved the old forums; so much history and fun....
  3. Dear bobbitts and bobettes, Pardon me, but I haven't been here for years and years and years and years (which makes at least eight), and I just wondered if someone could tell me what happened to the z15.invisionfree site (to catch up on events occurring during my absence I skimmed large parts of the wiki, and in one article found a half-sentence reference to fransjosef, that terrible Tupolev terrorist, which actually caused a flood of memories and torrents of laughter to simultaneously assail me, but when I ran off to the old forums to relive that glorious comedy, my eyes encountered utter and complete blankness ... and I cried for hours, as would you were you ever that ruthlessly denied, especially had you then been forced to write and/or read this sentence, which is furthermore something [a sentence, a long long one] that should be harshly inflicted on whatever malevolent entity robbed me of my gleefully anticipated joy)? Anyone?
  4. Cats are really great. Wish you fun and success
  5. Same. Also to the good M. Hakai.
  6. I'm a sucker for Ace Doubles, so automatically approving just for that.
  7. This really speaks to me, at this particular time.

    1. Louisa


      I don't actually know what following does, but you use language in a goodly fashion and I hoped not to miss any of your usage.

    2. Master Hakai
  9. Though foul furry you may be, this

    actually made me laugh this sunny morning, so thanksĀ 

    1. Canik


      You're welcome. Glad someone enjoyed that madness. :D

    2. Louisa


      I always approve of doing words :)

  10. Greetings, window-shopper! May I interest you in some of the bespoke baubles available in Sound of Seagulls? Only the finest handcrafted technological wonders, guaranteed to last until next war, maybe longer! Step this way, sign on the dotted line, and bulky packages of savoury tech will soon be winging their way to you! (Haven't done this in years and years, so I'm not really up on pricing and such, but I guess $6m/200t is the current standard?)
  11. Same; with a twinge of regret at not seeing you with the old sig I expected :p Also ... torn between surprise at so few people remaining here, and almost bigger surprise at old Bob still revolving.
  12. What this guy said, with the words slightly rearranged and yet further belated. I was allied to you back in GW2, but that's as close as we ever got. That was a fun time, though, and for that at least I wish you many more jollies to come
  13. Your confirmation tipped me over the edge and I'm now grooving to the dulcet tones of Kashmir. If this forum had buttons to give you Likes and Thanks etc, you'd get them plus these words!
  14. You're picking me up at eight; don't wear a tie
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