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Inito Foedere Pollicitus Melius

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After nearly a year of continually improved relations, I am extremely proud to announce the following upgrade of CCC's treaty with FTW.


flag-ftw.png flag-ccc.png


“Beati Bellicosi Accords”

Sanguis enim Deus lupus est a meliore benedicitur.




This document hereby establishes a strengthened bond of friendship between the Freehold of the Wolves and the Christian Coalition of Countries. It will stand to protect the safety, security, and prosperity of all members. The Freehold of the Wolves and the Christian Coalition of Countries, hereafter referred to as FTW and CCC respectively, shall respect each other’s sovereignty and shall remain independent alliances.


I. Sovereignty
Both signatories recognize the inherent sovereignty of the other, including but not limited to memberships, governments, and the like.


II. Defense
Should either signatory be attacked by external forces, the combined forces of the other shall come to the defense of their ally, including but not limited to militaristic and economic means. Any request shall be responded to in a timely fashion. Exceptions to this clause are attacks warranted by overt provocation or another treaty obligation. Each signatory shall not be bound to defend the other in the event of a chaining war, though the right to join the conflict remains optional.


III. Aggression
Both signatories agree that if one enters into a conflict, the other is encouraged to join them but is not required. No acts of aggression between either party shall exist for the duration spanning the ratification of this document. In the event of a military conflict occurring in which either party is forced to engage each other, both parties shall declare neutrality towards the other. 


IV. Commonwealth
The signatories do hereby declare their wholehearted intentions to assist one another in the growth of the other’s economies; to share appropriate intelligence with another; to maintain embassies with the other in proper diplomatic venues.


V. Termination
A. This document may be terminated by the decision of the governing bodies of either party. A grace period of 72 hours is to exist between the statement of intent (delivered directly to the High Council or the Council of Lords) and the actual termination of the treaty.


B. Any Amendment to this treaty may be revoked individually or as part of the Full Treaty between both parties according to these terms.




Freehold of the Wolves:

Canik, Mad King
Taco, Hand of The King
Dark Lord Sauron, Regent
Velocity, Lord of State
CodArk2, Lord of War
Lord Draculea, Lord of Economic Affairs
Smitty256, Lord of Internal Affairs

Christian Coalition of Countries:
CCC High Council

lilweirdward, Chancellor

Yeshua Solomon


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