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  1. Congrats on the treaty, friends! o7
  2. May we continue to strengthen this bond of friendship for the years to come! o7
  3. When I try to use the query function in a spreadsheet, with input data coming from the text file "Foreign Aid Statistics" (parsed from the game), the data in the "Date" field stops at 4/12/2020. The first row having date 4/13/2020 is seen as blank by the query. I couldn't find an explanation. Could it be that 4/12/2020 is actually Dec-4 in the text file, instead of Apr-12? http://
  4. 😛 I'm not going to abdicate my standards by indulging in any exchange with anyone that makes me wanna puke. I've made my point as rationally as I could, I've got nothing more to say, nor any reason to visit this thread again.
  5. Then I'll just have to bear in mind not to apply for your AA while you're around, I guess. 😛 We've already had a conversation while fighting, remember? You couldn't handle it too well, so you had to call for Daddy to help you out... Carry on!, "king"... @Lex Quintus, fair enough! The clarifications are yours and mine to find. BTW, nice pic.
  6. Sorry Tank, but your alliance was too insignificant to even mention. 😛
  7. @Johnny @ Lex, you can rant all you want, I'm not going to follow you in that direction, we've just won the war (see the first post in this thread if you need clarifications), so I don't need to prove anything anymore. All you can convince me of is that you truly deserve the medal of 'Masters of Empty Words' or something. Truth is your alliances were brought to the point of irrelevance, and it will literally take years for you to recover (if ever). If that's what you were after, congratulations! 😛
  8. My ego's feeling just fine, thanks for your concern! If your idea of playing this game is to lose the real wars and insert some nice looking memes on the OWF in the process, please feel free to repeat that experience at any time! 🕵️‍♂️
  9. The COBRALITION had a strategic plan right from the start, and that was to get in the range of our smallest and (apparently) least endowed/prepared/experienced nations as soon as possible, and crush us there, thus winning the war. They didn't spare any trick for that end, from false allegations, to (more or less skilful) infiltrations. It didn't work. It could have worked, had our internal organization been less than exquisite, or our level of overall activity less than exemplary. When it started to become obvious that they couldn't win, they started focusing on the propaganda, and won (or so they claim) the meme war. So be it. I'd rather win the field war and lose on the meme front at any time, if that's what it takes! Would you? Proud to be part of my alliance and this coalition! And many thanks to our opponents for the nice past few months, and for unleashing and testing the best of us! Hail FTW! Hail RFI! o7
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