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  1. Hello everyone, Thank you for your kind words and excitement about this new adventure. I promise to uphold the letter and the sprit of the agreement. I hope that ESC can live up to our potential. Chernothewise, Lead Elite
  2. "Athens has fallen, global prosperity shall only be guaranteed through works of good faith. The commandos will work to keep the upward mobility and improvement of all nations." -The Motto of ESC As a new age dawns before us, the alliances of NATO and ESC have declared an agreement whereupon the sovereign alliance ESC will be a protectorate of NATO. Mutual growth and friendship are the basis for a wonderful new age of cooperation and we fully embrace our new friends and protectors as they guide us towards greatness. The details of our arrangement will be made public later today and the leaders of NATO and ESC look to the future with optimism. Chernothewise, Lead Elite
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