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"Carry On" Protectorate Pact

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“Carry on” Protectorate Pact


In a search of friendship and cooperation, CLAWS and Wayward Sons recognize this Protectorate treaty and agree to abide to the terms therein until they decide for its cancellation or Wayward Sons reaches a point where it can act independently as a sovereign alliance.
Article I - Protection and Non-Aggression

Wayward Sons will receive assistance, whether that be economic, political or military, and be protected from raiders or Alliance wars. Wayward Sons may join CLAWS in one of their wars if they wish to do so. Both signatories agree to pledge Non-Aggression both in private and in public and show cultural understanding.
Article II - Economic Cooperation
Wayward Sons shall receive economic support when possible and reasonable for the purpose of establishing a capable economy. In addition, Wayward Sons agree to give all Technology Dealing to CLAWS unless there comes a time where CLAWS cannot fill their aid slots.
Article III - Intelligence
Should any of the signatories gain information that is important to one another, this information shall be conveyed as soon as possible in private. Furthermore, Wayward Sons shall consult with CLAWS should they want to commit any important external actions, such as declaring a war or signing treaties.

Article IV - Teams


Wayward Sons will stick to the color spheres of Pink and Black, and CLAWS will endeavor to fix trade circles for Wayward Sons members as if they were members of CLAWS. Wayward Sons will also vote in the senate elections for CLAWS senators, unless the case arises where the senators are not actively voting on senate proposals, in which case Wayward Sons will inform CLAWS of the issue in order to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.


Article V - Cancellation
Should either of the signatories wish for the cancellation of this Protectorate Treaty, the other party shall be informed 48 hours in advance. During these 48 hours before cancellation, all Articles and Terms of the treaty shall remain active. Should any of the signatories come to a grave violation of the treaty, then the other signatory reserves the right to terminate it immediately.


Signed for CLAWS,

Co-leaders: Jazzy & Al Bundy Grand Inquisitor: Randalla Minister of Economics: Tehol Minister of Foreign Affairs: Clawde Minister of Internal Affairs: Magical Muslim


Signed for Wayward Sons,

Leader: Vincero

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13 hours ago, Lucius Optimus said:



Protecting a starting off alliance is treating everyone? And we were already tied to TTK so this comment is lacking validity. 



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3 hours ago, AL Bundy said:

Protecting a starting off alliance is treating everyone? And we were already tied to TTK so this comment is lacking validity. 




Not entirely.

Because a protectorate is still a treaty

And because your ties with TTK weren't solidified until immediately after their last war ended.

Lucius is also privy to certain details about your attempts to treaty another alliance recently.


So if anything, it was actually a bit underwhelming.

I'd have gone with the phrase: 


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On 5/22/2020 at 3:00 AM, Lord Windmark said:

Good to see a proctecorate, they are far and few between these days. I hope they prosper under the guidance of Bundy all hail!


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9 hours ago, shavar said:

Hmmm.  A protectorate with CLAWS ..  might be on to something there.  It is nice to see some micro alliances popping up again 


o/ to all involved 


Shavar! You're awoken. Good to see you!

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