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Announcement from The Bear Cavalry: Bears with Guns and Lasers that Assist in Determining Street Cred

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Just want to make everyone aware, we're actually growing. We've reached 1m.gif


One million NS*! Didn't see that coming after just a week and some change lol. Good job to everyone whose contributed! We're throwing a party in #TheBearCavalry, bring guns, booze, frickin' bears with frickin' laser beams attached to their frickin' heads, wiffle ball bats; whatever you want. You're all invited, except BEazy cuz I mean, do I really need to explain?


Proof: dVpwTpX.png




Van Hoo III Buttercup

Shurukian Blossom

Gibsonator21 Bubbles

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I'm disappointed personally, you all could have far more CMs than that, what if the store runs out next war?


I told someone earlier that my cruise missiles were "trembling in anticipation", only to be told that cruise missiles do not tremble.


Imagine my disappointment.

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