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Everyone makes mistakes but it takes a special kind of person to wait around for us to make them. Such an occasion will be addressed here today. The nation of Limperium has left us no choice and by creating an Alliance to personally affront us, he has sealed his fate.
After making peace with him once over a simple misunderstanding, he has chosen to attack my Alliance again, even as I was in the process of negotiating peace with Umbrella on his behalf. As such, COBRA hereby officially declares war on the Alliance calling itself "War Jesus" (in obvious mockery of our Chief Military Advisor from Kashmir), and anyone who decides to help him.
May the gods of Planet Bob have mercy on Kess316, because Admin knows we won't.
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Only until he accepts an unconditional ceasefire.

I was making sure to phrase it in such a way that there would be no likelihood of someone getting the wrong impression and instead that they would know for certain that this individual (until COBRA are content) isn't going to be let free if say he bailed from the War Jesus AA he is currently occupying.

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