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  1. This war certainly does not disappoint in its mediocrity... Next.
  2. I've been looking forward to this announcement ever since the day after tomorrow, when I first heard about it. o/ to our new bffs at Kashmir.
  3. ...unless you are the victorious despot, or part thereof. Then the tragic hero is little more than the village idiot
  4. Sometimes I think you must surely be an Emmanuel Goldstein, placed among us by the Almighty Brother, in order to unite us and to distract us all from... well... I don't know what, cos I'm too busy being distracted. That's the only logical explanation that I have left and surely only confirms Grub's true genius. Tl:dr - What you call "Vladimirist-Francoism"/dialectical materialism was the 'Ordering' myth.
  5. My understanding was that Junka/Zigur was stripped of his 'Hero of the Order' status (and all other NpO awards) quite a while ago (well before this current situation). He has no right to be making such claims on our greatness.
  6. I urge all those who have no understanding of the essential role of myth creation in society building processes to read Michael Tolkin's excellent NK3 - available in all good bookstores across Planet Bob and beyond. The Republic of Onivlac would very much like to award Tolkin its highest literary honour, except we do not have any literary honour. Anyways, I hope that all those who do not understand the role of myth will read this and put two and two together and and come to realise the relationship between this so-called Francoism and 'Order' building. There is no real mystery behind the 1984 -theme of Polaris given the intentional use of myth by it's founding forefathers. Heck, if you want to understand the Orders in light of Francoism then read that too. Read anything really (beyond Art of War). Myth is created (or in Francoism's case hacked from an incompatible environment) and fed to the sheeple by those in power only to maintain their authority over their own - not to project power over other spheres (that requires might, not philosophy). We are in a world of decline precisely because Emperors of all stripes have forgotten myth. Even so, the answer is still not Francoism. I don't understand how anyone can be such an ardent believer of a myth that was so long ago dropped by its own creators and even the sheeple who might have originally bought it (did anyone really? Well, I guess at least one did). Perhaps the moralism of the Doom War, so often cited in this thread, is the last true Ordering myth of Planet Bob? Perhaps there will be another. If there is, you can sure as hell bet that at least one Belieber will fall in line with it and become its ultimate fanboy.
  7. At this point you must have lost even your most hardened supporters. This is so low.
  8. Well, if that I'd how you see it, it simply means that you are completely out of touch with politics on Bob at the moment. And that explains the contorted and contradictory narrative that you are constructing.
  9. Polaris rules the world but is completely expendable to Oculus. Which is it, I'm sooooooo confused right now.
  10. I would have thought that if we were the 'hegemony' (which is delightful news to me), we wouldn't have any 'geopolitical rivals'. But, I guess my grasp of English is not up to the strained rhetoric being dished up.
  11. Schatt was not a strong influence when you were with us. He was barely active. I remember his moralistic posts, both of them, which you must have found so inspirational. Your claim does great disservice to our leadership at that time, leadership who supported your presence despite clear misgivings from a significant section of our own membership. You would do well to keep these facts in mind when attempting to rewrite Polar history according to your own predilections.
  12. Yes please, as a lower tier resident I look forward to this lower tier purge. Bring it.
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