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A Bit of LoSS Change


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Attention ladies and gentleman,


Just a quick announcement that LoSS has completed her quarterly election.  After the incumbent Legion-X made the decision to not run for reelection, I, Moufassa, have been elected to the office of LoSS Prime Minister for the next three months.  We thank Legion-X for his hard work he put in at the helm of the alliance.  Seeing LoSS' stats rise and climb the ranks, especially in member count, he did a farking good job!  It should be an exciting term at home and abroad!


Without further adieu, my cabinet:


MoIA: Alec-M

MoF: Samuel Riley

MoE: Madcat

MoD: Legion-X

MoFA: Alcoholic (aka Community)


Government Advisers: Junior and Chedab


Thank you all, and please give the newly appointed Ministers and those who have stepped down your mindless hails!


To an even brighter future.

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Moufassa made it to the top on account of being the only active shithead in LoSS.  Congrats nonetheless

It's a good thing he's the only active shithead in LoSS then because the rest of membership wouldn't be able to cope with more Moufassa type characters running around, and neither could their allies. ;)


Congratulations to Moufassa to ascending to the throne of LoSS power! 

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