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  1. Tywin, before you go quoting out historical people and events, make sure they actually happened that way. :mellow:
  2. Just because you read it doesn't mean you understand it. If you actually read the book, you would also realize that it was a manual handed out during lectures purely for note taking and memorization. Without the lecture you just have words and a "kind of sort of" meaning. So please stop using Sun Tzu (it is actually the Art of War written by Sun Tzu) when you have no clue on how the military works or what that book actually says.
  3. Daedric Banrae from NpO deserves one of these for sure. Thought sponging damage for my allies was a good idea, you quickly proved that to be a failed strategy. Keep up them nukes!
  4. This isn't a propaganda thread. Away with you troll. Thanks for the stats Gopher.
  5. College and work has soaked up my time lately. This entry is going to be a rather short one. After this, I will bring the three previous entries together and bring us to a specific area where I want to develop. Enjoy! Money and Flow of Money The final important and most basic principle we need to visit is the concept of money and the flow of money in the economy. Once that is set up we can finally start diving into the wonderful answers and reasoning behind scarcity. Before we go too far, why is money important? The invention and development of money as the main aspect of the
  6. Division of Labor In order to answer the question of scarcity, we need to bring in a couple more basic ideas. The first of these shall be Division of Labor. Currently, Economic Historians are debating on whether or not Division of Labor came first or the usage of money. Both play a crucial role into how people answer scarcity and how the answers will be developed. So what is Division of Labor? Division of Labor is the concentration of large numbers of workers within very large production units allowed the process of production to be broken down into a series of tasks. By breakin
  7. Before I go into some material, please be aware that all laws have been challenged due to the Great Recession. The entire field of economics is now trying to fix the problems and figure out some problems in our formulas. In all my entries, I will try to make law into "law" in order to represent the current situation in the field of economics. Thank you and enjoy! Law of Scarcity The Law of Scarcity is the most basic and yet most crucial “law” in economic theory. This “law” is the basis for all current and past economic systems. Without this “law”, economics would have remained a philos
  8. My plan is to first start with some basics and then take on more advance theories and laws. Game Theory is one of those difficult theories that gets annoying once you add more than 3 or 4 games back to back.
  9. Welcome to my humble little blog. Before I start actually going around and posting what I want to do with this blog, I figured I would come over and introduce myself. I'm Karl Peters and I am the Minister of Economics for R&R. I have been in and out of the game since '07, traveled many alliances, and held different positions from time to time. I have had this current nation for a year and a half, and been with the Ampersand for the entire time. Do I have any interesting stories? Of course, but those are for me and not the world. Outside of CN, I currently am a Junior at my local universi
  10. Drank a crap ton of NyQuil to sleep but that didn't work
  11. I can now drink milk from a bag while watching ASR on twitter?! My life is complete!
  12. R&R (+1.16) LoSS (+0.99) Sorry mate. :awesome:
  13. Genius just gave all of CN a CB to declare war!!!
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