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A Spartan Treaty Upgrade

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Sparta hereby upgrades its treaty with The Apparatus to MDoAP status.

[center][img]http://www.cnsparta.com/forums/seals/smallflag.png[/img] [img]http://images.wikia.com/cybernations/images/4/47/ApparatusPeace.png[/img]

When the warriors of “The Hot Gates” and the Steam Fueled Gears join forces to ensure that peace is kept within their respective lands, the following articles will henceforth bind brother to brother, sister to sister, Spartan to Gear together in an effective treaty that may allow for economic and diplomatic cooperation, as well as for mutual defense should Xerxes or any other enemy of state and land try to arise once more.

Article I

The Spartans and The Gears, in light of any potential disputes, do hereby promise to act in accordance diplomatically and without spear and steam, to try and resolve any disputes and to foster continued existence with any other powers.

Article II

If the time comes when the force of Sparta or the Steam Powered Gears must meet an act of aggression, both parties are obligated to take up spear and shield, derringer and cannon, to each aid the other in light of an attack on either Thermopylae or Technopolis.

Article III

If the time comes when the force of Sparta or the Steam Powered Gears act against a foe in defense of another ally aggressively, both parties are hereby encouraged upon request, but not obligated to take up arms against a similar foe in the great land of Persia itself.

Article IV

Should "The Hot Gates" be wished to be closed to the Steam Powered Gears or the Steam Powered Gears close Technopolis to Sparta, this agreement will become null and void, provided 72 hours notice is given. However, in order to fulfill the notice, the initiating party must first provide a solid reason for downgrade or cancellation.

Signed for Sparta:

DeathAdder, King of Sparta
Yerushalayim, King of Sparta
JayR95 - Ephor of Philoxenia
Aaditya - Acting Ephor of Lykoi

Signed for The Apparatus:

Randalla, Patroness
King Ernie, Director
WorldPeace, Emissary
ConRed, General
DarthRevan, Professor
Elbryan, Chief Engineer
Amarynth, Propagandist
Big Kif, Speaker of the Assembly [/quote]

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