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Vive la France

Sarah Tintagyl

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[center][i]Announcement to the world![/i][/center]

[i]People of the World,

Though the years may pass and nations may take leave from the stage of the world, their history and their strength are not easily forgotten by their people. There are of course those eternal nations found across our glorious planet, those who never fade and their people stand fervently to defend them against all attacks be it internal or foreign. The people of France have not been as lucky as our neighbors in Europe and throughout the world. Overshadowed by the successes of our European brethren we can pride ourselves only on a handful of glorious ages when our influential arm stretched over the planet. People jest that those days are over and that the strength of Napoleon, the cunning of De Gaulle, the audacity of Zelle are behind us. I instead come to speak to you, both my people of France and people of the world that a new birth of energy, strength, and vitality has once again lit up the Seine with its grace.

Believe what you may about the rumors spreading through Paris and across France that 'the heroine' has returned, there is a greater strength beyond rumors. With the recent demonstrations in Paris, Athens has been kind enough to release Champagne, Ile-de-France and other northwestern territories from their protection and allow us once again to create our own destiny in the world. With the Spirit of the Late Empress behind us, France has once again set out to earn its rightful place in the world and in a outpouring of national pride, the Kingdom of the Angevins along with their vassals in Andorra have pledged their loyalty to France and her Eternal Empress.

We, the Sixth French Empire, comprising of those states, announce to the world that France has returned and the waters of the Seine, the Loire, the Meuse, and Moselle, once again burble with the conviction of our history and future.

Vive la France.

Elisabeth Courtois
Prime Minister of the Estates-General[/i]

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Celebrations erupted all throughout France as people had Unity Day festivities. In Versailles, the Plantagenets would quietly watch the festivities in the courtyards from the rooftop of the Palace. Geoffrey would give Christine's hand a gentle squeeze. "We've done it."

Christine smiled and hugged him softly. "Patience pays off."

He gave only a solemn and happy nod in return.

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Also at the party in Versailles was Paul, Jesse, the rest of Delta, and their girls Alexis, Kiva, and Daniele. Jesse and Alexis were married and so was Brian with Kiva, Nathan and Daniele were still deep in their relationship and it would only be a matter of time before Nathan purposed to her. Ben and Anthony were with the guards outside the palace watching for anything suspicous and would alert Jesse and Paul if they saw anything. Meanwhile everything in the party was going well.

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[b]**Private - Mateus Palace**[/b]

The office of Director Mengsk was covered in darkness as the reports from France came in.

"A very troubling development, perhaps there is some truth to these rumors." Mengsk said after which he activated the intercom.

"Please contact the offices of the Western Emperor and Eastern Empress. We need to talk."


The Athenian Federation congratulates the French government on their unification.

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During the party Jesse and Brian began a conversation talking about the Empress, “Yes I know we do not know her that well but things like this take time. Paul somehow believes that she has magical powers and after reading the reports about what happened to her I do not blame him but there has to be more answers to where she came from, why she is here now if she is supposed to be dead. Uniting France is a good thing but I don’t think that is the sole reason for her return, but I am sure that in time we will have the answers we seek.”

“I sure hope so Jesse. The Franco-German war almost turned into a world war but after her death the war ended pretty quickly. I just hope we don’t enter another one that does turn into a much bigger conflict.”

“I see your concern Brian but I am sure that it won’t go that far. There could be many reasons as to why she is back and I do not think that revenge is one of those. We are just going to have to wait for the questions to be answered, and hope that the answers are not what we fear.”

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Procinctia recognizes a reformed and reunified France, this is unmistakably evidence of peace for our times.

Our position about widespread rumors concerning Therese Zelle’s alleged revival, if true, will involve officially declaring the late Empress a Zombie until proven otherwise.

Of course Procinctia always supports a classy party, and will deploy a representative for Versailles to party in style.
Amongst others Doctor Hugo, one of Procinctia’s leading researchers, will be in attendance.

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Geoffrey's first day in the office as the Speaker of the Aristocracy, he threw out his first proposal which was something he had been working on as the Angevin King. It was a fractal algorithm based public transit system for all of France with Paris as the hub, maglev/monorail lines as the primary trunks, trams as secondary trunks, and finally a system of intricate bus lines that eventually would not leave any section save the most barren sections of the newly unified country untouched by public transit. He had a 10 year plan for the roll out of the first phase. The pattern, which looked like this:


Was overlaid on the map of France. It was more than apparent it was based on organic fractals. The paths of the branches were tweaked just slightly, to ensure they traversed major population centers. The proposal for the main branches was to use very heavy versions of the monorail and the maglev capable of industrial transport granting enormous capacity in transportation of both passenger, materials, and equipment traffic.

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The infrastructure was being laid steadily and meticulously. The quiet goal of this plan wasn't only to boost the economy, but in tandem with military planners, a protocol was being implemented that would allow the mobilization of the entirety of French Land forces and enabling to traverse the entire country to wherever the network extends in roughly 1 week. The fractal based network would enable enormous capacity. The plan was to collect brigades or platoons at the ends of each branch and assemble them into larger formations at nodes until finally they were delivered to the end destination point fully equipped, with leadership, and highly organized.

Each soldier was given a special helmet with certain equipment unique to them and their role in their unit that could communicate with the command system that the military was starting to call "Dynamic Order Distribution System" or DODS. In tandem with the logistics and infrastructure being fined tune, the objective was to make the French military one of the most mobile military in the world with the ability for rapid deployment and redeployment to target specific hot zones or incursion areas.

The command network was not very vulnerable to electromagnetic pulse as every electronic system would have a manual backup that relied on other forms of communication not vulnerable to EMP. Additionally, the electronic components of the system were heavily shielded and had backup components. The goal was that if the Empress called on them, they would be ready to respond.

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