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The Pirates life isn't for us


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Do you remember your best friend in Kindergarten? What was their name? Billy, Willy? When you were young, the two of you were the greatest friends, completely inseparable. Then, around 6th grade something happened. Billy and you started to drift apart. He started hanging out with other people, playing different sports, doing different things. It wasn't all Billy's fault, your interests changed too. You were both simply growing up.

Okay, so maybe the kid wasn't called Billy, but this is a story familiar to all of us. Friends becoming distant, embarking on differing adventures, taking different paths. It's sad to see it happen, but we've come to realise that pillaging just isn't for us, and the Universe is a little too big for some humble pirates to plunder. It's time to move on.

On that note, Article V of 'The Kin of Valorous Hitchhikers' treaty has been activated.

[quote]Article V. Cancellation

I. Should all parties agree to cancel this treaty peacefully, a period of 48 hours will remain in effect in which, the articles of the treaty will remain valid.[/quote]

48 hours notice has been given, and more detailed reasons have been discussed in private.

We'll still talk to each other, pass along Hitchhiking tips, and hitch a ride on their ships, but it's not what it used to be.

On that note, PPO will be further protected by MHA for a period of 24 hours.


Mostly Harmless Alliance-

Julia Rose Vicious - Emma's fiance
Caligula (IYIyth) - Lord of puppies
Gasgiant405 - The fart planet
gonnykins - Kiwi

Pirates of the Parrot Order-
Lurunin - lulu[/center]

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I guess I can see where this is coming from, but yeah - it's still totally a Billy kind of situation, so it made me a bit sad-ish. Thankfully, you gave me a bit of a snicker with your post wording:
[quote]On that note, PPO will be further protected by MHA for a period of 24 hours.[/quote]
Paired with the fact that the very first thing I saw when I scrolled down was bright orange:
[size="5"][color="#FFA500"][b]Will you be?[/b]

So what now, PPO? Help out those of us that are out of the loop - what your next step(s) might be. Will you look for more compatible protector alliance, or (as I actually had hoped for a while now) you'll get the Jolly Polly up high, take a sip of rum and sail around yourself, maybe stopping once or twice to sign some pacts along the way?
Will this mark beginning of more active, in terms of belligerence, time in your history - or as KainIIIC suggested (and everyone thought ;-) ) it's only one more crow on the sky, circling casually to mark that we haven't had a proper full scale brawl for a while now?

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