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[b][size="6"]Our flag! [/size][/b]

After more then 4 years we finally got our sanction and with it our flag! Fly it freely on your nations, because deep down you all know you need some R&R in your life.

I want to thank all of our past and present members and allies who helped us to achieve this goal.

But what is sanction without a pip right? So even though our pip wasn't exactly a secret, it's my pleasure to officially present it to you all now it is finally here:


Special thanks to katashimon13 for the idea and Diabloz for the design.

If you want to come celebrate with us you can find us in:
[b]#RnR[/b] on Coldfront

or at our boards here:

And now that i have you all here anyway, i might as well make some more:

[size="6"][b]announcements [/b][/size]

[b]Losing an ally and (re-)gaining friends[/b]

As you may have read, our friends in CMEA decided to throw in the towel, and altough we are saddened to see a great alliance disappear, we're glad to welcome so many friends to R&R.


- Boysun managed to keep the confidence of the membership and therefor got reelected as judge.

- MildlyInsane got reelected as Minister of Silly Walks, we're still looking into how that happened. Plausible theories are: We all had too much to drink, the elections where rigged or mass mindcontrol.

- I myself will have the pleasure of serving this fine alliance for at least 3 more months as president.

- The first upset was when quagsville returned home after the disbandment of CMEA, with only a few hours left he threw his name in the ring for judge, in an overwelming display of support he got elected after only being back for 2 days.

- The second upset was when the council election ended in a draw between incumbent ckmanero and challenger theArrowheadian. After a lot of campaigning and a run-off election that seemed to become another tie, theArrowheadian, finally got the upperhand and won the elections.

[b]Other gov changes[/b]

- KingLC was appointed as Deputy Minister of Defense, it's true his past as a Minister of Interior still haunts him, but... well no but, i have no idea why we put him in this new position.

- In an attempt to get new blood in government we decided to give a government position to the first inactive member to open his or her mouth, so when mattkenn3 one day posted "Ohshi- we have a forum?" we appointed him Deputy Minister of Economics.

- Simms the Horse stepped down from his Minister of Foreign Affairs position using the following speech: "Screw this, i'll die before i ever work for Ego again", after days of looking for an awesome new MoFA, we failed... As a last resort we decided to appoint Stealthkill as MoFA again and want to appologize to the world in advance.

- Lincoln decided to opt for an early retirement as VP leaving me all alone to deal with the big bad people out there, because i like my VP to be more miserable then i am we pulled the old horseboy (simms) out of his very short leave and after 3 days of intense whipping he finally agreed to take the position. As his first act he changed our newly submitted flag.


Ofcourse the rest of R&R wasn't amused by this abuse of our flag, we're currently looking for a glue factory close by.

[b]New Forums[/b]

Thanks to some hard work from Lincoln, we now have upgraded forums with nice new features, we like to apologize to lincoln for the fact that we're certainly gonna wreck this forum too.

[b]Rebuilding progress[/b]

R&R has finished most of it's rebuilding. We're now bigger in every stat then pre-war so only one question remains, when can we start getting our infra blown up again? Well good question, sadly our puppetmaster xiphosis refuses to answer, so we'll just have to wait and see.


President of "neutral"/"generic alliance #236,890" R&R


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[quote name='DevastationStation' timestamp='1304096344' post='2702014']
<---- The pip is amazing.

Question;, Is it a 3 syllable beat down of the 'n' on purpose like - 'R' '&' 'R', cuz it's quite clever.
I don't think we ever thought about that.. :o

Would have to ask Diabloz. :P

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